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Gosh this looks great.  I couldn't quite tell from the screenshots, can I ask if the game has a text auto-advance function?  (Asking for the sake of my carpal tunnel...)

I don't want to skip any text, I'd just like to turn on the auto so the text boxes will play by themselves?  I assumed since it says "Auto Forward" in the preferences that this is something the game could do?  I don't know a lot about the functions of Ren'Py, sorry.  Anyway, if it is possible to turn this on it would be nice for my carpal tunnel.

How do I activate the auto-forward mentioned in the preferences?  I couldn't seem to find mention of a hotkey for this.  Thank you!

For whatever reason that seems to have done the trick, it's working now! Thank you for going to the trouble!!

This looks pretty fun, but when I doubleclick on The Pretenders Guild.exe to start the game, nothing happens...?  I don't even see it popping up in Task Manager.  I'm on Windows 10.