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Hell yeah, i can't wait!!!! Hope you release all that soon!

I was trying to mix colors of forest Tileset to make an Icy World, but... well, i'm no good haha.

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Can't wait, that would be perfect for my World 1 in my project.

 Any teasing about what you're gonna add to it? (Snow maybe? Obstacles?)

Hi, i love your pack, but i wanted to use it, for a commercial project. So... any news about Paid Version so i can do that?

Hi, what is the license for it ?

Hi, what is the license for it ? I'm thinking about using it for my game.

Awesome. are you planning to do elemental projectiles, like Fireball,  Windball (kinda like a launched Rasengan from Naruto), Ice shard, and so on?

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Awesome !!! Is it CC0? 

A question, i'm trying to make tiles, of a temple, thing is, i want some tiles to have some vines on it, not jsut at the top of it, but really on it.  Do you think some of those plants could fit that role, and if so, which one ? I'm really bad when it comes to vegetation haha!

what is the license ?

Nice !!! I can't wait to see it.

Hello, great work !!!

And thanks!

Oh, are you planning to do a rotating Star?

Oh i thought the one to the left of Ice could be wind !

Are you planning to do more elementals?

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Hi, i'm curious, which elements, are represented on your pickaxes, in order please. 

I see, Fire, Ice, but the rest i'm unable to find.

oh, is there any chance you had a Grass One? 

And is it CC0? 

Wow, awesome work !!!

Is it me or did you take Inspiration from the first Rayman game for the Mosquito ? I like it !!

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Awesome !!!! What is the license of that pack ?

Oh, and are you planning on making Bosses sprites ?

It's awesome !!!! Are you planning on doing other species? Like dogs, Fish, Reptils?

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Hi, i need explanation concerning the license.
 It says if we buy it, however it's donations. So it's royalty-free only if we donate?

By the way great work !!!