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IMO, the movement is too fast and the bots are too hard. The game is fun but for someone who is inexperienced in fighting games it's confusing. The parry and throw also are confusing and hard to time on keyboard.

Please add the Cup! <3

Oh my! I love it! I've not even gotten the first boss' first stage yet but it's so fun!

All packets are equal, but some are more equal than others.

It's nearly impossible to catch up to the enemies, at least for me.

Also, maybe traits could change over time rather than stay the same forever.

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Yes! As most of the time playing is spent on animations, other than summoning, for which the animation should be kept even in fast mode. Also, the heal/befriend animations should stay. The longest unnecessary animation is moving and showing the characters. 

I think that the non-directionality is great. Maybe Graeme can add the ability to move two spaces on the pawn's first turn, though.

I like this a lot! The only thing is - the AI is very bad. It let my Weathered Knight kill all its pieces while focusing 1 damage attacks on a Sleepy Bishop... which healed every time...