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Omg we need android version 馃ズ馃檹馃徎

Same issue :< 

I really want to try this

Omg! What a game.... It feels surreal, i honestly i feel like I'm watching a movie. Can't wait for the next update<3

I really love this game and the art is immaculate and of course the eerie feels. Can i ask when do you update the public version? Thank you in advance and stay safe <3

Hope you're doing well! Keepsafe <3

Is there nsfw content?


Ikr 馃ゲ and couldn't play it through joiplay

Hello! Can we get an Android version 馃槶

Ngl i miss them T_T

Hi can i ask if you already played this game via joiplay? 馃槶 I can't play the demo using that, i already followed your advice but still can't play it. 


Just found out this game! And it looks good 馃get well soon and can't wait for the next update

so does it work? What version of joiplay you're using right now? 

Will it be available to android? And does the demo playable in Android via joiplay?

Hope you're doing well 馃

Hiiii What's your Twitter

Hope you guys are all doing well 馃

I have a question, does it run on Android via joiplay? (Hope it does) looking forward to the demo ver. Y'all Stay safe 馃

omg! Thank u guys for the good news 馃

Is it playable in Android via joiplay?

We want Android version T_T



thank u for clarifying 馃槶

Same problem :<

Can i play this in android via joiplay? T_T

Can u add an Android ver. Pls T_T

Can i play this in a android via joiplay?

Hiii j just wanted to ask if this is playable in android via joiplay?

Hi can i ask where can i download the joiplay app and renpy plugin ver. 1.01.400 that you're using.

Can u teach me how cause I can't use joiplay, somehow i cannot unzip the file because of Android 11 system T_T

Still waiting for the update for this masterpiece <3 stay safe!

Hope they'll add android version


Hoping that there will be also for Android :>

Can u guys add android apk for atleast in the demo, im badly wanna try it. Plsss 馃槶

Is there any plan for an Android ver? 馃槶

Same question