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I'd like to buy a comma.

Also loved it- and yeah, it's in black and white.

idk man, it automatically detected my knockoff Xbox One controller and just worked- maybe you have some other program like JoyToKey stealing the inputs? I had that happen a few times when switching games.

Passive or hurt pets stay away from enemies- kill all the enemies and/or have a heart drop on the screen somewhere, and your pet will return- assuming it's Active via the whistle.

This game was insanely fun until the fight with the Chairman- the timing for hitting his ball back is bs, and why I'm giving up on this game.

It does have it and it's useful if I know which system cluster it's in or where it is relatively in the galaxy, but it's rather small relative to the max-size galaxies; I miiight have a mod that reduces the icon sizes but I don't think so. I end up having to park at memorable locations like the northernmost system.

Was playing around with multiple ships, and found that it is rather easy to forget where I parked my Dreadnaught for clearing the really hard areas while I skip about the system in a tiny fighter. My proposed solution? A beacon part that requires only power to start it up, and displays a large symbol over the system the ship is in. Mostly for large ships that use lots of fuel, and use a scout ship.

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I found the secret place! On my second time through, that is. I had fun with it, and the puzzles were very intuitive the second time around. Also. the names are helpful hints.
OH! And are the gameplay mechanics the same as Portal's, where through each doorway is actually an identical map, connected on a different point? If so, how many alternate maps are going at once? Is it just two? Or is it only one, using some other mechanic?

That was an entertaining four minutes! Checking out FoE now.

First of all, despite what others have said the demo is very playable on keyboard- you just have to set up custom controls in the launcher. I'll admit though, the movement control system is literally tenky, as in you move forwards or backwards in relation to the direction you're aiming. While I do agree that it's the most technically accurate way to mimic rollerblading (at least in theory), there's a small matter of momentum and directional movement based on the tank-style. To make sense, when rollerblading in a straight line you start off with a small boost of acceleration (your first step and the push that follows), bringing you up to at least 50% of your average speed in the first few seconds. Also, when turning your forward momentum is redirected (not cancelled out for momentum in the new direction), meaning that a turn can actually speed you up depending on the angle. I think specifically it's the turning and forward/backward control style that (while I was able to get used to) would frusterate the average player.

To fix this, I recommend that the joystick (or in my case 'wasd') control not only the direction, but also the camera and forward push, and swap the now unused forward button for a 180/90 degree character rotation, both for tricks and movement tweaking. Or just "rotate right/left on the spot" buttons.

Personally I'd recommend that the camera follow behind the player and "lock on" to within 15-20 degrees, and have a seperate button you hit to unlock it (so you can look around without moving as an option, instead of the default), and a double-tap to recenter it.
Then there's the jump, which is a very typical demo-game jump. I presume it's a placeholder until you can get a sort of tap/hold -> short hop/high jumpflip system working.

Again, very playable and I had fun, even collected 4 badges before I had to start fighting the momentum and inertia. Also, I saw a few people complain that the rails are "too thin"- I can see why they'd say this, but with the tweaks to the movement system it won't be much of an issue.

I have hope for this game, and eagerly await the next demo version!

(Prior to downloading and playing, will edit/reply with post-play thoughts) So based on the description and demo vid (especially the momentum-based movement and style/weight of the air-based movement), it would appear to be a spiritual succesor to Jet Set Radio (or better yet my faveorite game Jet Set Radio Future). Meaning, I have my hopes up!

I love this game soooooo much- a few years ago I fell in love with FTL, but was slightly disappointed with the lack of actual tactical combat and ship construction- this game excels in both, and scratches the itch that FTL gave me!

Obviously because FTL is the closest game I can compare to, there's some features either from it or inspired by it that I would love to see in game. Obviously this game is not FTL and doesn't need any of its features, but it did some things right.
The features I had in mind are:
Peaceful merchant ships that you can trade with to unlock weapons, or add Surplus Ammo/Rockets/Batteries that could stack up in a Hanger Bay or something.
Optional systems accessed via rare warp-gates that have... harder enemies? Traders? Maybe an entire area with wrecked ships you can clear up for that little extra money/trading resources?
Force Arrows that you can toggle that are just a visual layer that shows the direction and amount of force an engine or railgun will inflict on the ship, so propulsion planning is less guesstimation and more careful planning. Maybe have another that shows how easily it would be able to navigate in any way- so you can tell before navigation that the tiny ships are better at strafing, but a longer one better at chasing.
Enemy ships fleeing either if they're overpowered by a certain percent, or their ship is damaged beyond a threshold. I.E. if you attack a ship, it'll attempt to either outright outrun you or spin up it's FTL drive and respawn just as damaged in the nearest system- and depending on timing, may be repaired by the time you get there?

I agree, I love this game. Did you know that the game fully supports community-based mods? Most of these mods are large packs of weapons and spaceship parts, and (like most mods) augment the game to the point where it feels like you've "unlocked the next tier of ships and ship weapons". :D