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Okay I've just set it under the "Creative Commons Attribution_NoDerivatives v4.0 International" license, I didn't realize I didn't mention anything like that anywhere, oops. 

You can use the textures in paid games. I don't really need credit but it's cool if you put my name somewhere of course! You can edit the textures as needed for your games, just don't sell them as your own asset pack or anything.

Thank you! It has no files specifically for RPG Maker, but these assets should still work fine to use with it. =) It has several PNG sprite sheets, one with all of the items, some with all of the items of that particular kind (so maces, swords, potions, etc.) and then individual icons for each item (mace_01, mace_02, etc.) and you're able to import and add those icons to RPG Maker for use.