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I'm definitely going to check it out! Again, the ending is just a personal preference, but you did an excellent job of crafting a very unique, engaging experience! Even if the ending isnt my cup of tea I'll definitly be recommending this to people!

And thank you for the game rec!

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Okay so I have some Thoughts about this game. It was good. Very good in fact. I enjoyed myself with it. 

However there wasnt as many puzzles as I was expecting. There was only one that really stumped me. I dont like the twist ending. It's clever, and freaked me out at first,'s not as entertaining as the premise I was given. It makes me feel like the puzzles I put time into solving were mcguffins and the 'real' puzzles were talking to a chick and using crlt+f on a github dump.  

That being said, it was an interesting couple of days. I was constantly waiting for when Johnathan would text me, and there's a section in there about his backstory that honestly really touched me. The game does what it sets out to do and I feel it does it well, and the bits I dont like may very well be simple personal preference, or maybe I just took a less twisty route. 

Either way; 9/10 would recommend

EDIT: get the extended contact. I just got something in the mail that made things...much more personally interesting. Definitly adds real weight and consequences for the story.