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I like B the Most. But if you had a way to do both then i think a mix of B and C would be amazing. make the scene more dynamic and feel like your actually in a blizzard with wind and snow everywhere.

I asked summer activity before so how about: What is the boys favorite winter activities? Snowball fights? Snow angles? Making hot coco with a million tiny marshmallows?  

I love reading webtoons!! You should try "Age Matters" when you get a chance. Its a cute romance comic.

Loving the winter outfit! So cute. (o3o)

Question: What is you favorite summer activity? Long drives, Swimming, beach vollyball, or maybe surfing? Things like that? 

I have one thing to say to Arya.... "DAMMMMMMN Son." lol I can't wait to play his route. I have no idea who is my favorite, but for today its Arya. lol 

Keep up the amazing work and thank you for these awesome updates. *\('U')/*

Love Naoki!! Can't wait to play his full route! Keep up  the awesome work. :

Thank you for working so hard on this game and keeping us up to date as well :) *\(+O+)/* (cheers)

I LOVED Tales of Berseria, been thinking of replaying it actually :O and downloading Crestoria right now lol.

Question for the boys: What is your favorite food. :)

Heya! You are doing amazing as always!! So excited for this game!! *cheers excessively*      "\(*o*)/" 

My question for them: What is there favorite type of music? Mine is K-Pop :)

Its been a blast keeping up with your posts and progress of the game. I know I have not followed this project for very long but I will continue to do so, not just for the amazing game and story you are building but the amazing person you are. :) Thank you for all your hard work :) 

So excited for this teased event! Especially if its anything like the cute event from Nusantra: Legend Of the Winged Ones ;)

Also when were there Centaurs and Satyrs?! How did I miss this amazing memo!? I am so stoked!   "\(*o*)/"

Hope you get well soon! Love waking up to your updates every Monday :)

Me and Arya are the same lol except I like Tea. XD

Please stay healthy and safe Chiel and everyone reading this! <3 

I can relate to Kahlil except with skinny jeans. The struggle is real XD 

Thank you so much for working so hard all the time and continuing to keep us up to date :) *Gives a lot of headpats* :D

And thank you for the cute fun facts. love getting to know the guys even while the game is still in development. :)

I will give my Guntur all the chocolate in the world!!!  \('O')/

Thanks for your lovely updates as always and keep up the wonderful work Chiel! :D

Thank you so much for all your hard work Michaela! Love these games, I play them all pretty frequently, I enjoy them a lot. :) Sad final episode but can't wait to see what you make next :)

So much hype for this game!! and so ready for all the nostalgia!!! Keep up the awesome work and thanks for keeping us updated.

*Quick question* when is the possible release date for the game? I can't remember sorry :'/ 

I like Guntur's style you can never go wrong with free food!! :) Kahlil and me share a favorite holiday you get to dress up and free candy!! hehehe

I love that you update us every week but remember that with the holiday season you should take it easy and enjoy this special time of year. :)

Happy Holidays! :)

Hey! long time no comment huh?

Still so hyped for this game! Love the name meanings by the way, they all fit super well~ :)

Stay healthy as well! Get plenty of rest! (^ .^)"/ "

With all the progress you are making I am getting more and more hyped with each update!!! Remember to take breaks and spend time for yourself and family. :)

Glad everything is going well. Congrats on finishing chapter 2 part 2 code!! :)

Can't wait to see all the pretty CG's!! So hyped!! :)

Happy Birthday!!! :)

How long is the sale on?

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Rest and take your time. 

Can't wait to figure out why Arya is blushing!! He is my fave character so far.

Good job on the progress. Enjoy your sleep and rest well :)

So much hype for this game. :)

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Oh no glad you are safe! Hope the earthquakes stop and a tsunami does not come.

Glad to hear the programming is going good. :) Don't work yourself to hard :) Love the dusty roof pic by the way. Looks eerie :)

Yay for lots of progress!! Can't wait to play the new demo and compare versions. :) I am sure it will be amazing. :)

Glad you had fun with your family as well. :)

YAY!! Congratulations!!!

I am so excited for the story and to see the beautiful art. Thank you for working hard on the game and keeping us up to date on the progress. We are all excited to live the story you have created.

Now off to play the demo again! Been a while and need a refresh lol.

Good luck on the art and have fun with your family. :

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I like the new one more. like you said it fits his face better.

Can't wait to see the twist! Good luck with it.

Enjoy your life. Taking a break and taking care of yourself is more important then finishing the game all in one go. Health and fun are important. Thank you for working so hard on the game though. :)

What does "Are the Characters OOC?" mean?

Congrats on Autumn Arc done! :) They Hype I have for this game just builds more and more every time I read a new update. :)

Hope you feel better soon!!

I am so hyped for this game!! Congrats one the chapter milestone!! 

I do have to thank you for the updates, some games I follow don't update as often or at all compared to you and I honestly forget about there games for a bit. With your game thats not a problem. I check every Monday for an update and I love seeing the progress. Keep up the awesome work!

Sorry for the weird "rant?" I am just so hyped for your game! XD

Thank you for the game code. :) I got it.

So glad winged ones is on Steam!! Or will be soon. Glad you got that all figured out but don't push your self to much this week in order to "make up" for last week. You still did a lot of work and deserve to take it easy.  

Just for a shot I will leave this here:

Love the art! Good luck on the bad endings always heartbreaking to read but I bet even worse to write.  /(-w-)\  The more updates I read on this the more hyped I get to play the game. \(0^0)/ I can't wait!! Keep up the great, awesome, and fantabulous  work! :)

Congrats on Steamworks!! I love the designs of the dragons so far!!!! (I love dragons if my name did not already give that away XD) 

*lifts glass of tea* Here is to another great week ahead! *sips tea* :)

Best of luck!

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I loved this game so much!! The characters are all wonderful. I loved the story and the romance.

1. My favorite character would have to be Reksa. I loved his romance and his story. Mitra is a close second because he is just so sweet and very dependable.

2. I considered playing this game cause I loved the demo for your new game that I had to see what a finished game from you would be like. I was not disappointed. 

3. Out of the art, story, and characters I loved the art the most. I loved the characters and how they were presented to the player. But really I loved all of it.

4. I loved the mix of romance and story, it was a perfect blend. I love how each interest told a different side of the war. I do have to say that I was very confused on the reason the war began.  I know the Komodos stole the blessing but I am not sure way. (Though I have only played the good ending so far. I am probably missing something that I have not seen yet.) 

5. Yes I will definitely pay for your next VN, Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle.

P.S- Sorry for long comment. <3 

I could listen to the music all day. I love this music.  Definitely gives of the vibe of a happy little village plaza.