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Hey thanks! it's built in GMS2

Hey, thank you! Yes, we'll have MacOS builds/support going forward!

Hey Ethan! We definitely know what that's like, thank you for the support! Good luck with your own project!

We're on Kickstarter right now trying to make that happen!

Thanks for all the videos you've made guys! We really appreciate it. 

Nice! We're still planning out all the features, number of courses, etc. When the Kickstarter goes live, we'll have more details regarding that!

Thank you so much!!! 

Thanks so much! It just takes a bit o' practice!

So FUN ! looks, sounds & plays great, especially for a quick jam game. The level & enemy designs were really on point too! All in all, great job guys, keep it up! :D

Yay! Thank you

Thank you! :D

WEEEEE!!! Really fun game, the skiing physics feel good and the pace of the game works well within the jam's tiny viewport limits, great job!

Thank you! 

Thanks! This was submitted to the lowrezjam which is why the viewport is so small, 64 x 64. We're working on improved version with a much larger, normal viewport! We ran out of time to submit the game to the jam before we could implement a working score and things to do with the score from the coins. 

Thank you! We ran out of time  before we could create checkpoint logic, among other things we wanted to add. We were cutting it pretty close, I made all the levels the morning of the submission cutoff date. 

Well it's a bit of a phenomenon in the middle and east side of the U.S that's been going on over the past 15 years or so, a lot of the shopping malls that were once thriving in the past are now abandoned or close to being closed down. There's a really good youtube series about it called "The Dead Mall series" by Dan Bell. That was the main source of inspiration for the theme. 

As far as the time for the idea, we came up with it exclusively for the jam, after we heard about it so about 2 weeks.

We're going to upload a windows and mac version within the next few days!

Thanks, yeah the enemies were tough to implement well because the art came out a little too big for the jam's restrictions. We're going to post an update as a separate upload with some new levels and content soon, also without the restricting 64 x 64 viewport. The enemies aren't as much of a problem when you can actually  see them coming! haha

Thank you! We started working on it with a little over a week left to submit a game to the jam.  I didn't get to polish up the level design as much as I wanted, spent most of the time making the art and refining the platforming.