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Normally I never review a game, that being stated, something has compelled me to write a short review for this game. First I will start off with the cons that I found while playing the game. The first one I'll note (and this could be a pro for some) was that it was super easy to achieve the 'Sweet' ending, basically just don't be a douche. The second con I noticed was that although there are many choices it didn't seem to affect the story in the long run (for example if I chose choices which made the MC have a more volatile nature or if I decided I wanted to wait instead of getting 'handsy' the first time, but then the second time I was roaring to go, I wish this would have affected future dialogue a little more). Moving onto the pros. The first pro that I want to address is that the background, CGs, and sprites are beautifully drawn. The second pro is that the story and the characters are spectacular. So much so that I found myself tearing up at parts, having to stop to prepare myself for the next scene or giggling openly at the characters antics. This coupled with all the small choices the games gives you made it feel almost completely immersive and was disappointed that I had reached the end when I wanted continue learning about this horrifying, yet wonderful place. In conclusion the story was completely compelling and I felt that the characters really made a connection with each other. No spoilers, but after searching through the creators tumblr page(http://sonnet009games.tumblr.com) I found that there will be five character routes in total that will be sold separately or when complete will have them all together "the extra epilogues will l be available in the full game, but if you buy each route separately and can show proof of purchase, [they'll] happily gift you the collection for free," so that is something to look forward to. I'm not sure if it has tried but hope that it reaches more people and gets sold on places like Steam (I know that I would vote for it).

In short:

Gives the choice of either M or T rating
Gorgeous art
Compelling Story
Relatable and loveable Characters
Good length

Few Endings
Easy Choices (could be considered a Pro)
Most choices don't seem to affect long run gameplay

Hi, I was wondering how many endings there are?