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Sky Talez

A member registered Mar 26, 2021

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Hi, I corrupted both Dimitra and Kathy and requested Dimitra to allow me to bring personal belongings to work and Katy to respect my privacy but I don't have new options opened to me on the city map both at night and late night. Is that some kind of bug?

Hey! I enjoyed your game very much, but unfortunately, It cut off at the truck stop.

You're welcome

Hi Nice Game, Is there a continuation of this story? Should I download the full version to get the full story?

Love the game, although I either end with the full cemetery or move too slowly.

I downloaded it here. It happened when I loaded the save I made in the conversation with Optis. Another mistake like this happens when I loaded another save I made in the Factory.

Yeah.  I already found them, thanks.  
West of Optis workshop, near the Yellow cave, is the bad directions, tbh.  I just started the game and don't know where is Yellow cave, and first time I travelled west of Optis Workshop I found only the junkyard. 

It hapenned to me too

Where can I find the vargants I must eliminate in the first quest?

It doesn't let me pass the first screen.

Гра Українською, це точно потрапить в мою коллекцію.

How did you make such a creepy image?

Try all caps

How do you trasfer saves from the previous versions of the game?

Is there a walkthrough?

Hey, I sailed to Santa-Castilo and for some reason can't do anything there. Is it a bag?