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That's an interesting take to say the least. I didn't know what to expect from a game like this, but I liked it. kinda short, but it gave You what You wanted, no more no less. I think I managed to scrape of all the endings, here's a link to my playthrough

This game got my heart worked up and ended up waking up my neighbors in the middle of the night. I did however not beat the game, I really don't know what to do once You get the syringe (I know there's other videos on it, but I prefer to figure stuff out on my own). Great job, this is a diamond in the rough.
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Gave her a go and I have to say, this is the best Siren Head Game so far (Thank You for not doing a 8 pages thing), love the atmosphere and the uneasy feeling of not knowing when he's gonna show up, the Game scared the living crap out of me. I did however encounter a few bugs, like not being able to shoot the gun and the chat prompts where a little bit to quick for my slow brain.

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I didn't like the way I painted the Game with my previous review, so I'm going to re-write it.

This is a well crafted Horror Game with tons of suspenseful moments. It will keep You on edge for most part, and make You scream like a grown-up baby. I like the idea behind some puzzles, like unlocking a drawer by looking at a photo of the drawer, it's original and refreshing, and makes the game less "keyfind simulator". The game feels inspired by the almighty PT, but not in a boring PT Clone way. Although there's moments when You get stuck and don't know what to do, cus the levels has "triggers" that You have to activate, and that's the Games weakness imo. But overall a very pleasant experience. Strongly recommended!

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I really like what You were going for in this one, and I want to see a full release in the near future. This Game had me on edge for most part of it's duration. Suggestion I'd like to give you is, I want to see some form of "narration" on the Story, reading long notes can be tedious, kinda kills the pacing of the game for Me.

I gave it a go, couldn't get through the first hallway. I didn't see any kind of "monster", just some sound and death. Anyway, I included it in my video

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The instructions wasn't clear, i ended up in Vietnam

This is a very short but extremly creepy game. I felt on edge from start to finish. Thank you for crossing off another job i'll never take.

A challenge with jumpscares. Took me a couple of hours to beat, but once you figure out the tactic it got super easy, i did beat it. Make sure you do as the manage has instructed, else..

This is a diamond in the rough, a well crafted horror experience. The atmosphere is amazing and makes you feel on edge from start to finish, the jumpscares worked really well on me. Well done developer.