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If you are trying to play with a friend over Steam make sure:

- Steam is running

- Your friend is in the main menu when you send the invite

- You are in the level you want to play when you send the invite

- Note that the game will show up as "Spacewar!" (default Steamworks testing ID)

Frequently asked questions

Hey that’s awesome! Thanks I’ll keep you in mind, I think VO would be great, for AI “barks” at the very least.

Hi. Hit me up with your criticism and ideas for the game!

Hi! So glad you enjoyed the demo, we had a lot of fun working on it. Unfortunately, Denizen is not being actively worked on; but we ARE still working on another project. Stay tuned to our itch page and hopefully we will have something cool to share in the not too distant future!
(And someday we will hopefully get back to Denizen, we have a lot of ideas for it)

Sure, we'd love it if you made a video!

Interesting find. Thanks

Glad you enjoyed it! I agree those guns need some re-balancing. 

Hi! Glad you had fun. There are no configuration options in the prototype. There will of course be remappable controls and graphics options in the future :)

We haven't tested across a very wide gamut of devices so I can't say for sure, but it should run OK on pretty modest hardware. It run's great on my PC which has:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 3.3 Ghz Intel Core i5-2500k
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

But it is likely that it will run on older hardware too. 

Thanks for the feedback! I think we are heading in the direction your thinking. 

I agree that enemies are too weak in the current version. That's because this demo was indended to showcase a bit of the game and get you into the world with a minimum of learning curve and frustration. We are planning for the full game to have a range of difficulty settings. Here's what we're thinking:

  • Easy: The difficulty you experianced in the demo. Medkits are everywhere and your health regenerates over time. When your health reaches zero you auto inject yourself with a medkit. So as long as you have medkits you pretty much can't die on easy. Enemies base health is lowered and your base health is raised. Ammo is everywhere. This difficulty is desgined to let you experiacnce the story without the interruption of dying.
  • Normal: Fewer medkits and no regenerating health. No auto-inject, medkits must be manually used. Enemies health is decent and your health is a bit less than on easy. Ammo is more scarce and must be used wisely. This will be the baseline standard of difficulty.
  • Hard: Same as normal but with everything tilted just a little bit less in your favor: Enemies are just a bit stronger, your just a bit weaker, and medkits and ammo are just a bit harder to find. Hard is for people used to shooters who want a solid challenge.
  • Nightmare: This difficulty would have to be unlocked by completing the game on another difficulty. Base health for you and enemies remain the same as on hard but there are no medkits and your health drains constantly over time until it reaches 25. You get a special ax that has life steal abilities. After you get 15 kills you can kill an enemy with the ax to regain your health (and then it starts draining again). Ammo is even more scarce than on hard. There are special Nightmare-only data tapes for you to find. There is different, weirder music and your hands are replaced with skeletons hands. This difficulty is for people who have played DENIZEN before. 

We also have some changes in mind for the pistol. We are adding another pistol (the Walther Concealed Carry Pistol) and will probably change the Mauser gameplay to feature a lower fire rate with higher recoil and damage output. The Walther pistol will feature higher capacity and fire rate with lower damage output.

Also the Vahan will make more sense when seen next to the MP44 (which is still in progress). The MP44 will be the serious buisness high damage high accuracy rifle but will suffer from extreme recoil. The idea is you get one shot that's really accurate and powerful but after that the recoil gets out of control. The Vahan (which you got to use in the demo) while technically an assault rifle plays much more like an SMG (spray and pray).

The Shotgun does pretty much what we all expect, I think :)

Any specific suggestions for improvement?

We're glad you liked it! It took the four of us a little over 6 months to get it to this state, so we've still got a ways to go. Your feedback will be helpful in the months of development to come.  :^)

We're glad to have a public build available! This is an updated build of the same demo we showed at magfest, with various changes and bugfixes. Things like adjustments to the axe and Vahan gameplay, giving the barrels, lamps, pickups, etc physics, adding line breaks to the logs for readability, making shotgun ammo rarer since it's so op.

Glad you had fun with it! We are definitely working to streamline the loading. With some further optimizations it should be imperceptible.  

Also, as an aside, I think that watching people play the game cold for the first time is one of the most valuable tools for devs. The radio with the number tower's transmissions is not a puzzle... but now maybe it will be!

Looking forward to your next episode :)

If you encounter a bug let us know so we can squash it. Splat!

This forum is the place for your comments, ideas and feature requests.