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When it always crashed, it was related to me playing with a keyboard and mouse.
I decided on a whim to switch to controller, and it seemed to work after that, and I was able to go through Splitscreen and the rest of the series without a crash. No clue why! I only have crazy theories.

At any rate, that thing was a total trip, great work. Really enjoyed the variety and creativity in all these short vignettes 馃拃 Repeat.Repeat.Compulsion. was the only one I had to abandon.

Argh Splitscreen keeps crashing on me. Like, guaranteed every time, and everytime it's at a different point. Which is driving me nuts because I can't skip the lengthy intro.. but I really want to see what this one is about!

I get a crash in the chapel :'(

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 529, in script

    call screen movechapel

ScriptError: could not find label 'beafordhint'.

Oh god please make MORE of these!

So... I'm trying this game out, but I'm not getting any audio whatsoever when I play it. This has never really happened before on my computer (and I've played some weird shit). I'm not sure what to do... has anyone else reported similar problems?

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Hello. I found a large amount (over 100) of inert worms and had deposited them into the strange disc, saved my game and later quit. But when I reloaded the game, the disc now contained 0 worms and my inventory of worms was still gone. Is this a bug?? 

The detail of the unsettling nuance put into this game's aesthetics makes it easily one of my top pics for my October horror-game marathoning. 

is the segment where you can only move backwards by pressing left intentional, or...

Man I'm very impressed this is still pretty engrossing for being a short little idea.

This was fucking excellent. Thank you.

I am blown away at the amount of fun Arcade Capcom/SNK-esque polish vibe this game has, and it is incredibly criminal this game is not more well known.

I absolutely love this. But I've found a bug. I have to restart Desktop Meadow everytime I turn off/on my monitors- because Dell does this annoying thing with their monitors now where they basically 'unplug' when turned off. So the shifting of resolutions created by this, causes all the sprites in Desktop Meadow to shift downwards and clip into the windows.

This was absolutely FANTASTIC.

This game does everything right it can possibly do for a 72 hour game jam