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Played probably longer than intended (all missions and level 44). Enjoyed it. Started slow, but  picked up pace after auto-merge and prestige get unlocked. If you ever add anything else, it definitely needs more ways to increase the Mergable spawn rate, and all the last "Leveling" upgrade options other than "More Mergent Tokens" were kinda useless.

Volume for hovering over buttons is deafeningly loud with no volume sliders or options other than muting through browser tab.

Very solid short incremental! Really enjoyed it. If I had to critique anything, it would be that that the last research takes a bit too long compared to everything else up to that point. Was about a 15min time sink with nothing else to do.

I 100% agree with your synopsis and I enjoyed it while it lasted. However I had a critical bug where if I clicked out of the game window, I couldn't click back in. I couldn't continue in any way other than reloading the page and restarting.