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Really happy to hear it! Glad you're enjoying it!

Haha, sorry but I'm so bad at marketing my stuff!

24 monsters + stats AAAND pictures on one spread!? DUUUUUDEEEE??!?!?!?!?!

Ohh wow, that art is amazing!

More added, so if you don't feel like buying, you now have a few more copies to claim!

Great insight to your creative process and methods. This is a massive undertaking and I'm really impressed with your hard work. It really is like a siege, isn't it?

Also thanks for the room descriptions! The fungal maze sounds like an awful place. I love it!

Great update!
Care to give us an example of a "finished" room? I'm curious to see how much work is put into a room description, the amount of text etc.

Yeah, there's a lot of learning you can get from reading stuff like this. It's especially interesting to read about frustrations and when things don't go as expected, when things go wrong etc. Then the reader gets the benefit of learning from other peoples mistakes, without having to do them themselves (and can then proceed to do their own mistakes, hehe)

But yeah, this is a great read. Thanks!

Just wanna say that this whole series is a very interesting read. I'm impressed by the effort put into, not only the dungeon itself, but the documentation as well. Inspiring stuff for sure!

Thank you so much! I had a blast making these, and I'm really glad you're enjoying them!

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I don't know of an auto function for that (if you know of one, that would be great). I could add some more copies every now and then though, when/if they run out!

This is SUCH a good little adventure. It's cleverly written, quite humorous without being too joke-y and a breath of fresh, or rather stagnant and salt-stinking air! ALSO EMOJIS!!!1

This is a snappy, short encounter with a grim foe, written in verse! Fun and fast, just the way I like it!

Right here:

Aw, well that sucks! I don't know to be honest. This was just something that the kind people at itch asked me to be a part of.

Thanks a lot! The magic system is from World of Dungeons (a retro-hack of Dungeon World) and the rules for creating your own spells are designed to be pretty vague and loosey goosey. The game I run doesn't really have any lists of spells per se, it's mostly about what the characters WANT to do with their magic, followed by a short discussion about how that would work, what's required, any costs, dangers etc.

One of the players has "Fire & Shadow", which obviously lets him set things on fire (of course), but he's also done stuff like turning himself into a living shadow, so that he could sneak up on people, dissapear into the darkness, etc.

Another player took the "Dreams & Portals"-magic, which he's used to open a gate to his own pocket-dimension, where he dumps things and sometimes even creatures. He also closed a portal around a giant snakes neck, which decapitated it instantly. There's a lot to play around with, both as a game master but especially for the players. Just remember that the more they ask for, the harder they should suffer if they fail the spell roll. The spirits that give the characters their magic powers are fickle and sometimes cruel and demanding, so I'd suggest bringing that element into your game! Like say yes, whatever it is the player's asking for, but also let them know how much of a danger they're in should they fail with their roll.

I'm so glad you like it in print too!

Thank you! I hope you're able to put it to good use!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it and I hope you get some good use out of it!

Glad to hear it! Hopefully you'll enjoy it!