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I can't install the game. Whenever I try to install it, it says  "Can't install;Index out of range" in red. Could you help me.

Why was Planet of the Bloodthirsty Santas taken down from the store?

This was awsome thank you for making and posting this

Thank you for the response. The universe your building is really cool. I can't wait for the next game in the Scythe Saga Universe to release! 

Thank you.

How long till the demo disk ships?

What time period does this game take place? I saw a vhs tape with the description of how they are really popular now. However I also found a smart phone in the game.

Is there a new release date for this game?

Thank you!

If I bought the game how do I play this?

How do I find the 8-bit atcade version after I purchased the game?

This game is so cool! Any other release dates for the other games?

Would love to see this become a full game!

Most likley not untill the full game releases 2nd quarter 2018

Overall the game is really good. My only problem with the game is that the sleep meter fills way to slow maybe you could have it go a little faster when your eyes are closed. But overall the game is really good.

It would have been cool to see this become a full game.

Are they ever going to update this game?