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I love the idea of a rhythm game where you are following other dancers, but I think it's very hard. It's a little hard to distinguish the next dance, and you don't have a lot of time to react when new dancers arrive.
I never truly understood when you picked up more dancers, and when you should move

A few ideas to improve the gameplay from my perspective:

1: Put some bounds for the camera, so it doesn't follow the player 100%, but lets you run around the middle without moving the camera.
2: Make the enemies circular, so the hitboxes are more predictable

Otherwise, fun little game! My high score ended up being 100 points.

As other people have commented, I'd increase the player move speed by a lot - also increasing the spawn rate, and decreasing the timer would make this game more challenging and giving it a better pace.

Otherwise, interesting spin on the 2048 "genre"! :)

Hey man, great job at the scoring! Had to play for an hour today to beat you ;)

The standard for our leaderboard service would be to override the names, but we wanted to recreate the arcade experience - nothing like trying to fill the leaderboard with only your name to show supremacy!

A few points of critique:

The jump feels very clunky. Maybe add a small window before landing where it's still possible to jump, or auto jump if spacebar is held when the player collides with a platform?

The game take a long time to start, which put be off giving it more tries.

Otherwise, good job on the game!

My advice is to keep the gameplay under 5 minutes. Get one mechanic working, and polish the sh*t out of it :D

import random, os
def c():os.system('cls')
def p(s):print(s)
while True:
 s="Score "+str(i)
 if(i!=0):p(s),p("At end add")
 if input()!=n:
  p("Answer was "+n)