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I played this game! Really enjoyed playing it, didnt know there were diffrent endings. 

If you would like to hear my opinions you can watch my playthrough here: 

Enjoyed this game! If you would like to hear my full opinions and watch me play the game you can here: 

what a strange one! Loved the atmosphere you could really smell the stink on the walls just from looking at them! 

watch me play the game to get my full opinions here: 

Great game! Needs some work, a bit repetitive hearing the same lines everytime I die and the blocks were sometimes a bit awkward to place down but really enjoyed the game and storyline! 

Watch me play the game here: 

This game is awesome! Its a very unusual game, loved how I didnt have to spend ages trying to work out what to do with the hints! I really hope that the devs come out with a much longer game! 

Really enjoyed playing this, like how it was still simple yet they expanded on the first game. Unfortunatly didnt get the secret ending because im awful at parkour haha! Check out my video here for gameplay and full opinions :D 

thats acually a lot of help! thanks

okay this game was pretty scary i thought, especially the ending. the atmosphere and scares were great and i loved the ending. Would be great to see more from the devs

Bit late on this review as its well after christmas lol but better late than never. I really enjoyed the style of this game, it was well thought out. I havent got any cons on this game but if you would like to hear my full opinions head over to my channel :) 

Played this on my channel, great demo. Loved the investigator mode so that would be great to see in final game. Really looking forward to it coming out. Check out my full opinions and gameplay over on my channel

Played this on my channel. Great game although I liked the  first episode more this was still a great game. Head over to my channel to check out the full review and gameplay :) 

Played this on my channel, neat little demo and im excited to for the full game to come out. Check my video for full opinions and gameplay

Enjoyed the demo to this game. Was quite creepy and I think the toys knew more than they let on! Hear my full opinions and thoughts about the game over on my channel:

Loved this simple yet effective horror game. Head over to my channel if you would like to hear my full opinions on the game:

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Had a really fun time playing this PT inspired horror game.  I enjoyed the puzzles you had to do in order to move on from the loop. A few more would be good. The jumpscares caught me off guard a couple times. Hear my full opinions over on my channel:

OK wow that took an unexpected turn... Watch on my channel for my full opinions about this game :) 

OKKK WOW. How freaking good is this game! Its the right level of combat to story line, the graphics and art style are amazing and its FREE! Please do head over to watch me play this game on my channel to hear my full opinions :) 

Well that took an unexpected turn lol! Relly liked this short game. Watch m eplay on my channel for my full opinion :) 

I really enjoyed playing this game! Very strange but the jumpscares got me goo! Watch me play it on my channel for my reactions and full opinion :) 

Not sure if I have already shared but I played this game on my channel if you would like to check out my opinions :) 

strange game, but quite funny. Check out my video for my full opinion of the game :) 

One of the BEST games on itchio in my opinion. I just really love this game. Please check out my video on my channel :) 

Strange game, not what I expected. But has a lot of potential. Check out my video I made about on it!

I played this game on my channel. Super cool game with a great atmosphere. Excited for the full game!!

Played this on my channel if you'd like to check it out! Loved this game, really hope that the dev comes out with a full game with a storyline for it! 

Can't remember if I wrote a review or not. I absolutely loved this game!! what a great atmosphere and story line to it! will defenitly be checking out some of the devs other games. I played the game on my channel if you'd like to check it out! 

Great game! I played on my channel if you'd like to check it out and see if i escaped OR beame the MASTER chef!!

Great game with a creepy atmosphere. I played it over on my channel if you'd like to check it out :)

I really enjoyed this game. I recorded myself playing on my YouTube channel, where I gave my honest opinions! :) 

I played this game on my channel! Over all a great game with a creepy atmosphere. Check out my video where I play through the game and give my honest opinions :) 

I really enjoyed this game. If you'd like to see my jump out my seat you can watch me play this game on YouTube! Looking forward to the devs coming out with more games like this :) 

I played this on my channel, gave my own opinions. Great for a first game! Check my video out here!

I played this on my channel. A few scares got me lol! What a great game :) 

This was a great game, I totally missed the keycard lol! I'll have to go back and play it again to get the second ending :)

Oh my gosh I loved this game, from the character design to the sound to the story line! I played it on my channel, worth a watch if you'd like to see me actually jump out my seat and almost break my phone haha! Cant wait for more from the developers :)

I very much enjoyed playing this on m,y channel. I am super exited for the extended cut for a bit of context! 

Check out my video here, all my subscribers are really enjoying watching :)

Yeah definitley! Cant wait :)