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My big question is, do you have Velminth's permission or at least approval?

Actually a modern post apoc set (with modified/improvised weapons) might be interesting too.  Too much of RPGMaker assets are fantasy.

Would love to see a modern version of this.

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Glad to see you come back to this!  Exhibitionism is one of my fetishes but I don't dare do it in real life for... obvious reasons.

Do this mean that story will never be added or you just want to focus on the core mechanics first?

These hotfixes need to be part of the version number.e.g. 0.6.2 or 0.6.b

Yes, in the game right before the art changes there's a wall of text talking about it.

It's a good story.

As a game:

  • There are only a handful of actual choices.  I realize that's kind of the "visual novel" style but more agency would be nice (although makes things more complicated)
  • There are a number of typos in the text.   "apartment" is misspelled frequently.

It's unfortunate that the original artist fell ill (the artist's work is outstanding).   I don't think explaining the art style change is necessary, however, in the game's flow.     Many adult games have several artists and the other artist managed to match the general "look" of the characters, just interpreted differently.

English has a number of typos (and one line around day 8? that's still in Russian)

You still there Nonahki?

This seems similar to Female Agent, any relation? (Inspired by?)

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Interesting game so far!   I'm usually hesitant to back projects early in development (had far too many go dark suddenly), as soon as your SubscribeStar is ready I will probably start though! (It says it's under review.

One note, the serving game is a little too... rapid... for those of us without catlike reflex and also the groping bits fire off way too often (if the timer isn't suspended during them, please add that).  

Customers seem to order more drink a little too quickly as well and often simultaneously, should be spread out a little more (maybe a randomizer on the timer for customer actions?)

I also think if corrupted enough she should be able to flash on her own while they're looking at her but you're already planning on that.

They fired the CEO that came up with the dumb idea, please come back!  I can bribe you!

Unity has officially backpedaled.

This is a good start but it's missing a lot.

Anyway a wishlist:

* Bales of Hay
* Loose Hay
* Larger Silo (current silo scale is really strange)
* More building parts (Wood beams, wood trim, barn door, etc)
* Weather vane for building decoration
* Farming equipment (for modern use)

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Unity may backpedal; they're under huge pressure and come to their senses.

I'll greatly miss this project.

Is there any possibility that you could open source this or let someone else continue?

Would it be possible to get a damaged & wrecked variants as a follow up pack?

I'm glad you're having fun but I do hope you don't abandon Delivery Pilot.  I can understand just being into working on other projects for awhile, I do that myself.

I'm interested in a number of your games, is there any way you could do a discounted package?

I can't even get to the main menu, it plays the logo parade, after the Lithtech ones the cursor for the menu appears  for a fraction of a second and then it crashes to the desktop.

Faulting application name: lithtech.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x3ae746d9

Faulting module name: ucrtbase.dll, version: 10.0.22000.1, time stamp: 0xcb34958a

Exception code: 0xc0000005

I was just thinking it could basically be a prompt for how the player character is reacting, something like:

1. Get angry (+ morale, - relationship)

2. I guess that wasn't too horrible (neutral)

3. That was disgusting but I had no choice (- morale, + relationship)

The idea with the relationship change is to give the choice some benefit even thought you're losing morale, and vice versa.

Maybe have the player decide the character's reaction to it and thus the morale effect?  Just a thought.

Are you sure about this?   None of the other adult games I follow on Itch have mentioned this.

I'm really confused, Bruni Multimedia was your company but you need to part ways with it and formed a new one called Dodonovels?    Isn't that basically just renaming the company?

Oh no!  I really like the game, just needs a bit more work!

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Some suggestions:

* The highlighter for the selection option could stand out a bit more.

* When agreeing to no touch etc dates, sleazy officers in particular should have a chance of breaking that agreement and trying something.

* In general some officers (sleazy etc)  should have chances of doing something extra and maybe allowing the player to make a protest or go along with it option (protesting would cause the relationship to decrease so it would basically be money vs morale)

* Something to slow down the ability to pay off the debt, when you start getting Major jobs regularly the game gets a little too easy.   Maybe some events that require you spending credits (fines, repairs, etc).

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, it makes a big difference!

Finish this please before you move on.

Interesting start

So far I still like the HTML version better, sorry.

I feel horrible saying this but so far I like the HTML version over the Unity one.

Is there a way to run this in HTML mode on an intranet server?

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"Lovebugs: Night Shift v0.9 should be out in first days of July." 

Did you mean 2023?

I'd much rather another Delivery Pilot game!   With more kinky stuff!

This is pretty good, can't wait to see it progress!