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Yes, you're right about the timer. Initially, I just wanted to make  that enemies get you score, but it seemed a little boring and useless to me.
The timer exerts some pressure and stimulates to kill enemies.

After this jam, I wanted to try to make a full-fledged game, but from the very beginning. I hope I can do this.

Thank you!

Thank you for feedback! What kind of controls you want?
Perhaps it will after voting.

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Hello! Good game! True, I have only reached level 3 so far.
I wanted to say that I found a small bug in the game. If the player’s ship is destroyed and at the same time open a pause, then after the respawn, the pause menu will be open, and at the same time you can control the ship, shoot, etc.

Thank you!

Updated the game because found some wrong tiles in some levels...