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None other than Skjold.

All thanks to Exyl.

Just in case anyone was wondering, here was my thought process:

Narrator = 4th wall broken

Game jam = competition = survival of the fittest

And I have the infamous 9999 discord tag.

TL;DR: Nitro.


Damn that was fast. It's still 2 days till the jam ends, you crazy guy!

oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no!

My game is going to be 95% voice over / narrator :D

Well it is a .exe file from an unknown distributor so of course it'd think its sketchy.

Anyway just get a better antivirus lol

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So sorry! I didn't have time to say you have to click and hold on blocks.

EDIT: New version now up! Added [CLICK AND HOLD] message at the beginning! Please give it another try before you rate it.

It sounds like I might have to turn up the volume of those walking sounds then! Glad you enjoyed the game. ^^

Wow you spent your first post on that. Somehow I'm kinda disappointed.