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This thread is set up so you can let us know how to improve the game. These will be what we work on for the next update until the project is fully complete and ready to leave the Beta testing stage. All feedback is appreciated!


It is our pleasure to be releasing Hyper Skitzer Space Run in Beta testing mode! Please report any issues, bugs, glitches, or any ideas that can improve the game experience. We'll have a forum thread set up to make these reports below. Otherwise, you may submit on our website:

Scroll down until you see the "Contact us" quick form, address your issue and submit. Thanks for playing! 

Coming soon we will be hosting weekly or monthly challenges. The cash payout will depend upon the total number of downloads. 10,000 downloads and we'll start a $1,000 reward challenge! So get paid big to play!

Come on in and Skitz out with the other Skitziods! Talk about whatever you want here! 

Make suggestions for game improvements here. 

Serious On-Topic discussions pertaining to the game, game mechanics, or anything that currently exist within the game.

Report Bugs or Errors here.

Unofficially: March 22 2019

However, this date may be postponed to no later than March 29 2019. This is due to testing on the mobile platform version which will be exiting Beta soon.