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the game is finished, so im sorry to hear you didnt enjoy it. it's my first game and had no budget so forgive me if it didnt quite live up to the expectations you may have had. my next game will be a lot more polished, so i hope you will give that one a chance when it comes out.

holy shit this is amazing

the game was developed primarily during a time when gb studio was suuuper limited. the sound effects in the game were only added in the last few weeks of development due to them just being possible to add at that point. if i ever make a DX version of the game, these are some of the things i would be tackling lol

so true

i'd love to but i can't at the moment. hopefully soon!

it is finished lolol

glad to hear it :)

no, but a version built for the DMG is coming rather soon. was supposed to be done last week but i just haven't had time to finish

hell yeah

ok ok wait wait wait this is actually well done!

i would 100% love to see this completed!!

however, may i suggest improving a few things?

the thing that bugs me the most is the UI speed. if you set the text speed to instant, it would work a lot better.

other than that its just things like missile drops not spawning yet and samus' physics are a bit wonky. i get gb studio's built deceleration isnt super fantastic, but theres a plugin that allows for more control called "platformer+".

also, at the save stations samus' sprite can become unaligned/jank since im assuming you're using a different actor for the front facing view, which is totally fine. however, you should set samus' actual player position to the middle and re-center the camera to samus then hide her and do the save animation. that way it both makes her spawn in the middle on reload and fixes the funky animation bug.

can't wait to see more from this! 

still unsure why my game was removed from the entry list. i don't think most people would consider saying "my other games are better" or "please check out my itch page for more of my games" in the description a bad thing. isn't that part of game jams anyway? to have fun and maybe get a few new people interested in your work? i really don't understand why my game was removed, though i guess i can't do anything about it. the games here were mostly good regardless, its just unfortunate that this was the outcome of this gamejam as i would have liked to be part of it too.

the final revision of the game is C.1.

a single version modified for the original gameboy will be based on C.1's code

did i use the dmg version??? its not even finished yet

thanks XD

the music was made by my friend. through development the music was prototyped on famitracker, milkytracker, and furnace. the final songs all use hUGE tracker.


i would be up to it if limited run is

rosemarie be like Anime Girl Blushing GIFs | Tenor

uhhhhhh crap ok

im not sure how to fix that as i dont have a pocket myself. is there an option to boot a game in dmg or color mode or something?

if it was the cats in the snowy area, they explode after a set time.

thanks :D   i hope you enjoy the game

thanks a bunch! :D

i did revise it tho 🌚

(1 edit)

i didn't advertise anything. i just said my other stuff is better in the description. i revised it for you but i wont change it further

currently the only way to buy it is through paypal. i'm working on a steam version too.

you'd better i need more

the wav channel has an interesting sound to it when exploring the castle. Did you time a wav file to play alongside the music? it sounds great, and i had a fun time with this. the spider complaining about the state of it's gameboy was very funny too lol

nice work :)



thanks elvies


some GBVM script that catalogues menu variables or progression points

UI/health/score display logic

or something code related along those lines?

:0 anyone here?

smart :0

actually pretty impressive for gb studio physics and controls-wise. great work! :0

what is going on with the music lmao