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:0 anyone here?

i did make one not too long ago but its not super active since theres not a lot of people there, plus the official gbs server is well established already

smart :0

it should be noted that most of the mods on that server are actually really nice. its a select few that have an issue with overstepping their mod powers. typical reddit mod behavior, really. for some reason memes really seem to set them off. they wont even make a channel or thread for them last time i checked, its pretty silly, actually. their excuse is that they cant moderate the memes... but why not just hire a few mods to do just that? and even then the community is pretty chill (aside from the occasional very small child that calls you out for saying the word "hell" lmao) so just having a rule that says "keep memes in <insert channel name here>, and dont post any that people may be offended by." simple as that they dont do that though, and just decide its better to ban memes altogether when its a server full of retro nerds who probably have quite a few solid memes they could share.

it should be noted i can be a bit emotional at times but whenever i do find myself making the wrong choice i always apologize afterwards. instead of just accepting the apology and moving on from something that usually just embarrasses myself more than anything, they just seem incapable of forgiving and forgetting. of course im always working on myself and i think im a more stable person now than i was even a year ago. none of the toxic mods have changed a bit from what i can tell. occasional conversations with them that i've had trying to regain access to the gbs server have kinda proved that they don't have any idea what they're talking about half the time and just assume something is the same as last time they checked without actually returning their gaze to see if that's actually the case.

for a few months around the time i started gb studio i was quite frustrated and flustered about continuously running into brick walls with my coding (having no experience) and i would blame gb studio itself for my problems. i would ask for help in the scripting help channel and i recall one particular time Rulz just going off on me for asking a question about something. imagine getting mad at a person for asking a question in the channel made specifically for that purpose.

if you want to know who runs that server, those are the people. most of the nice mods are barely active unfortunately so their mod channel for making decisions is likely just an echo chamber for bad mod decisions

actually pretty impressive for gb studio physics and controls-wise. great work! :0

what is going on with the music lmao

i figured out where i screwed up here lol

idk why but i mix you up with proximity sound now and then, they were one of the hosts of a different gb jam a year or so ago, around the time i was perma-banned from the gbs server. won't deny im still a bit salty about it but also im thinking to myself "its been like a year and a half already, could you just unban me already?" lol. eesh. doesn't help gbs server moderation is pretty totalitarian so theres that too. i see them being really toxic to people i know in the community and not being super friendly when someone does something they don't like.

thats what that comment was partly about before with the last part of the old description, but as it happens you're not proximity sound so that's on me for being a dummy lolol. honestly the way they handle things just really annoys me XD

:o will do!

eh? was i thinking about a different jam? sorry! my bad aaaa

coming back to this 2 years later and it's still one of the best gameboy studio games. would love to see a sequel with new modes and stuff.

canada version when

the music was made by my friend, four operator.
i believe he used furnace to compose the music and then copied it by hand to hUGEtracker.

i'm sure he will step in and answer that as soon as he sees this post lol

thankyou! :O

glad you liked the world i made :)   as for the bugs you encountered, this demo was made a couple months before the game was finished so there are a number of bugs like that. the finished build does not have these bugs :)

a gameboy studio game that doesn't make me wanna blow my brains out? damn dude this is great! wish there were more quality titles like this


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thankyouuuu

very complex mechanic, yes :O

if you double tap the jump button at different times you can have a more controlled jump too :0

helps with some platforms


thanks :D glad you liked it

thanks :D i appreciate you following up on that bug. it has been fixed!

and im glad that you enjoyed the game :)

hopefully you'll enjoy the next game too :0

no :(

it doesnt matter what you give them so long as they're not currently eating

thanks :)

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why does this happen to meeeee

what version of the game is it

bring food to the hungry raccoons until they leave

thats about it :)   buttons are Z and X on keyboard, B and A on real gameboy hardware

glad you're enjoying it :D

thanks :D

sorry, i don't need a spanish translator :) thank you though

i have a few friends who speak different languages so i'm all covered with that


before i release it on pocket i need to test it. i don't have a pocket though




if it's an everdrive you have, just copy pasting it to the sd should work

that ending tho


all synth, baby >:)

i tried that but its not working in windows 11 for some reason so i might try it in one of my old linux laptops

i'm having someone go through the game to make sure it works on pocket. once i know for sure, i'll add it to the download list for people who have already bought the game :)

there will be a pocket release but i have to test to make sure its working first. i dont have a pocket so i'm having someone else do it. once i know its working properly i'll add it to the downloadable files :)