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Played this on a Macbook Air, and loved the game. There were a few issues on the technical level: firstly I could not save and the error message always showed up, but I managed all 3 endings and it was awesome (i liked both the white queen and the hatter equally). The game crashed once (which reset my entire game history aka script seen number). After the crash, there were weird glitches on the images for hatter and white queen, where the hatter's mouth would be a rose and the queen... welp she just disappear but there were her enlarged freaking pair of eyes at the bottom of the screen lmao, it was hilarious. Not sure if this was a thing with my Mac or a glitch that could be fixed

Same... also it often crashes for me when I speak to a specific character or on a given day of the story (depending on which storyline im not sure) I have a mac too so maybe this is a mac issue 

How can I save the game... what can I do if I get stuck on a challenge and can't get through it... I tried finding walkthrough and key online but havent come across any yet

I downloaded the game (MacOS Big Sur version 11.2.3) but the Mac said I don't have access/authority to open it even though Im the only person using my Mac and I did all the steps to give myself access to the files according to the Apple instructions but still can't open the game... Anyone have any idea how I can play it?

Hi, I downloaded the game on Mac but it says the file is damaged/broken and cannot be open, can anyone give any advice on how I can play the game?

It crashes constantly on my Macbook Air after awhile of playing... can anyone help?