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Same... also it often crashes for me when I speak to a specific character or on a given day of the story (depending on which storyline im not sure) I have a mac too so maybe this is a mac issue 

How can I save the game... what can I do if I get stuck on a challenge and can't get through it... I tried finding walkthrough and key online but havent come across any yet

I downloaded the game (MacOS Big Sur version 11.2.3) but the Mac said I don't have access/authority to open it even though Im the only person using my Mac and I did all the steps to give myself access to the files according to the Apple instructions but still can't open the game... Anyone have any idea how I can play it?

Hi, I downloaded the game on Mac but it says the file is damaged/broken and cannot be open, can anyone give any advice on how I can play the game?

It crashes constantly on my Macbook Air after awhile of playing... can anyone help?