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so the grave yard is a whole asset

so we dont need to put together the assets 

could i ask could you make it a whole model so i dont need to stick it togethercause that will take 28238 hours

could you make vox files out of them?


i Like these Could you make more WW2 guns?

i can handle teardown on normally 30 fps on low settings on but the breakup game idk it takes way more graphics

dude seriously whats a Barista rly like WHAT THE HECK IS THAT I LIVE IN GERMANY also im not able to pay 5 dollars

ur serious right on Pc it costs money BUT ON PHONE ITS FREE THATS SO UNFAIR!

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atleast add something so you can lower the effects and graphics cause i cant really handle it on this pc

this was probaly a one time create so he wont probaly update it