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awesome :)

As tester of this nice game i can fully recommend this nice little puzzle platformer ;) 

THAT is really outstanding! Love it very much! Wish there was a whole cartridge album :)

Sadly another dev, which seemed to scam the lovely retro community and didnt deliver hid sold physicals :(

Sadly another dev, which seemed to scam the lovely retro community and didnt deliver hid sold physicals :(

Thx. Dropped a DM on Instagram 

Hello Gabe, any possibility as a buyer of the LRG release to get this digital version aswell?

Do you have a nice Japan styled boxart for your awesome game ? 

Sure. On the mobile phone emulator ;) 

Allright.... Let's make some Party at my Lunch - time ^_-

Perfect! Added you ;)

Is it possible as a buyer of the switch collectors edition (with the Japan gb version) to get this/the english one maybe for free?

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Really nice... Finally some more 'adult' title for the loved gameboy. You got my fully support and advertising on Twitter aswell ;) hope to see you there

Looking nice. Need to grab it ;)

I dont think so. But as the game is fully open source check @runekeepersworkshop on insta. He can surely help you with this! Cheers 

uuh..i would love to hear them ingame ^_-

That game is a really nice little pearl. Really sad that its not possible to add some nice ambient mix directly to it anymore :(.

FOR SURE! Add English Language aswell so everybody can enjoy your work ^_-

Really nice game... And the developer is a cool dude aswell! Already ordered 2 copies :)


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Very nice game. I hope you will improve the game even more with additional areas and improved sounds + music 

That looks so nice. Really well done! What next? I hope some time you could Port the old c64 ghostbusters to gbc aswell.. That would be so awesome! 

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any chance for updating this to gbstudio 3.1?

Perfekt. Now photoshop time 😊😉

really nice game. i wish you could adapt/port this to real gameboy hardware. that would be awesome.

That sounds very nice. Keep Us updated 😉

thank you

Very nice game. Do you mind sharing your cartridge Label? Cheers

Very nice and funny idea. If you work further on this, i would request the possibility to rotate the clock to make it compatible with the normal gba and the possibility to switch between analogue and digital design. 

Very underrated game. I think because of the missing fancy artworks here on itch. I like the gameplay even better than pineapple kid. Add me on social media @skite2001

Viel Spaß damit! ;) Bei Bugs, etc. bitte Feedback geben. Danke.

Really awesome New game from you (as all previous ones). Did you maybe make a Label for this aswell like you did for neighbor? Or is it already included in the deluxe package? Would really want to put it on my flashcard.

Replied and added you via Twitter for easier communication

Hey mate 👍your progress is faster then my search for other german wordlist sources 🤣

I crosschecked your german answer list. Seems very good and can't find a single offensive word 👍😎

I think there would be enough 5 Letter words without umlaut. And even if they are really needed it could be done this way:




Do you think translation of your words would be possible, or better choose completly new ones? 

Very very nice game and improvements from you... I just wonder... Would it be possible for me to use your github fork and replace /translate the english words via paste'n'copy to german, or wouldnt this easy like this? Cheers download for the real hardware?

I dont think there would be a gameboy port of it, or?