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This is super cool!! I was delighted by the depth and design of the map, the whole thing is very simple but honestly very impactful! U did a really great job here. Happy Secret Samol!

Very cool! Excited to play around with this in the release.

This game is pretty cute :}

Oh wow! This looks fantastic! You absolutely nailed the vibe of classic claymation. impressive work!

Awesome! Glad you’re feeling better and excited for more of this project :}

You’ve been working on this for like 10 years please please take a break. Take a fuckin month you’ve earned it. Hell, take two


This whips! Excited to see how you expand on the world and story :}

Ough your typefaces all look so good and this is no exception, really really excited to make a project with this!

Oh this is such a cool idea. Will absolutely be buying this next time I get paid

The soundtrack is immaculate, thank you for your very important work

This game looks so sick I can’t wait to play it

YOOO missile with no collision is sick

This is I think my favorite roguelike. The visual design paired with the mechanical simplicity on first blush is easy as hell to get into and even easier to keep playing. I really like how many of the upgrades and powers play into each other in interesting ways, and all the guns feel unique.

I could probably say more given more time but I feel like the bottom line is this game is extremely fun and feels especially skillfully designed and I really like that! Good job!

Thanks a ton! That was my intention, glad it came across!

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for the feedback! I originally intended to have several enemy types, but when I got to that point I was just happy to have the game submitted in time. Glad you like it nonetheless!

Thank you so much for reminding me! I intended to put tutorial text in the game but I was so tired by the time I was at that stage of development I had completely forgotten. Thanks a ton for playing and commenting!

I definitely agree. I just wasn't sure how to make it more satisfying at the time. I appreciate the feedback, and I'll do my best too improve.