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Been using your assets and I just now noticed that your license says you can use assets purchased through the craft pix store.

Does this mean assets purchased through this store (Itch) is not covered by license? because the way it reads, we are only allowed to use assets if they are purchased through your store.

I have been working on a project for months and am now just seeing that and is pretty annoying.

you should really update that license, if we are allowed to use when purchased through itch.

Looks good can't wait to pick this up and try it out

thief/rouge and martial artist sounds great!

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You guys should release your character avatar series with paper doll function.

even if everything didn't line up perfectly would be nice to edit and fiddle with.

Bought the goblins, really hope we get to see more characters from you!

These are great!

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Seems Shuffle deck was missing from my plugin parameters. Thank you for the help!

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actually, I tried to add the cards the default way, before I reached out, so I have no idea what's going on xD.

Only happens first pass-through the deck, but will try some of your work arounds.

By default I mean through the class skill list.

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Maybe just on the opening hand (First time through deck) is static, not sure.

Is it just me or is the hand draw static and not random? I seem to be getting the same pulls all the time just draws the next card Que'd in the order the player is assigned skills.

Terms of use on your assets?

How many hours of play?

can we get the option to skip hero upgrades

Awesome, sounds like you have given this a lot of thought.

me personally I would be ok with all pull being random from the skill pool, regardless of how they get to the pool, whether it be via

(Equip, state, item, class).

thank you for such a thought-out reply, really looking forward to what you come up with!

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I was hoping to add skills through equipment through the  traits tab,  but doesn't seem to be possible.

Can't add skills through states either.

Any reason why?

can't wait for party combat.

I really like the one deck for whole party, idea!

what are the size of your sprites and do you use same size on average