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I would like to stress that the Linux build is unsupported and experimental. As I understand it, it may not run straight of the box. It might be easier to run the Windows build through Wine/Proton.

If you would like help getting the Linux build working, see what suggestions other Linux players make in the game's Discord.

I've updated the OST with higher resolution cover art, along with an image file for an even higher resolution.

Yep! That should do it. Your save files are stored in a different folder, so they will carry through.

Turns out, RPGs take a long time to develop. Nobody warned me.

Wait, how is it that you're the first person to spot this bug? How did I miss this?

Thanks! Those search terms are wonderful.

Here we go!

Good question. I'll try to make some time to upload it myself in the next few weeks.

Alright, just a sec.

But really though, I'm still on-track for a release this year.

Strange - I thought I caught that typo. Maybe webgames takes a little while to update.

~Mild spoilers ahead ~

For the third ending, choose "I have to fight", then work towards the freedom ending.

Thanks, I did do the music. If you're curious, the digital instruments were all freebies from Spitfire Audio's LABS.

Fixed the typo! Thank you. :)

Try having a violent mindset from the start!

It will! Steam and, most likely.

That's a new bug to me! Thanks, I'll look into it.

Sorry about that, but thanks for letting me know. I'll make a fix soon.