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If you don't know anything about the game, then you either didnt play the original and didnt read the description, or you just simply didnt read the description.

Tai will not be a dateable character, the only side character that will be dateable is Richard.

I did indeed, the original project that was privately made used the original assets so i had to redraw most the artwork. He even posted on his Twitter stating he liked the concept of maria beong the overseer of the MC

Redo some scenes, make him more confident

Might be a sprite error, post the error in a screencap and i can look at it. If its a aprite error its nothing to worry about. Either redownload the game or wait till the mext update for those paths.

Hit the DOWNLOAD NOW button.....?

Sorry, no android version is available

Well thank you, might want to include it for the update notes just in case people dont know about it ;)

Wow we get day 24 of Darius as well!? I'm not sure if this was an error or not but im happy!

Sounds like maybe Issac wasn't too happy with you and Darius...? Open the game again after the crash.

If you are a patron (i forgot if its the 3 or 10 dollar one,) you get a copy of the finished game when it is completed. If you paid on here, it was simply a donation.

Check the FAQ

Oh, my bad. Check the patreon post. It will be tagged by which character got updated

16th of every month, as stated above. If you're a patron. It will be the 1st and 16th of every month.

no the PC version should work on windows and Linux , explain your installation process. Step by step

os means the operating system not true version of the game. Are you installing the Mac version, windows version or Android version.

which os are you installing on?

Oof, sounds like a corrupted install. try deleting your game and reinstalling it.

yes, however it is extremely outdated

wrong choices... Darius could help you with this tho ;)

you may not have enough internal memory to install.

it tells you you can skip the scene before it starts and everything needs to be clicked to the left of the actual thing

Enable 3rd party apps and extract the APK

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Next update we should see a Darius update, too keep track on what we will be getting, check out the patreon.

Development Log section of the page.

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Check the Change notes. Within the download there is a Changes.txt file. On this page it's located under "Development Log".

however it seems its not listed. Spencer and Harold were updated.

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Check the Change notes. Within the download there is a Changes.txt file. On this page it's located under "Development Log".

however it seems its not listed. Spencer and Harold were updated.

Glad I can help!

From what I can tell there is now way of installing the older versions. This can also just break your saves entirely as well so its better to not mess with older versions.

Try looking in the credits section. Most the music is available on the respective artist's site/soundcloud. If you have a specific scene in mind that you can tell me I'll be happy to help!

If you are on android sadly idk there is a way to download the new update without starting over. However if you are on MAC/Windows good news. when you delete the old update and download the new update your saves will still be there. HOWEVER it is highly recommended to start over to avoid any bugs/ glitches to visuals or dialogue.

None of the routes are finished. More updates are still on their way.

try pressing enter?

Errors/Bugs do not have to be reported here, remember we are 2 updates behind Patrons updates.

open the Extracurricular Activities folder and click the EXE file

This is an 18+ game, no Iphone release is planned. It takes too much to get things published there. However Windows/Linux/Mac/Android do have releases available

You have to submit to darius

When another route is finished, that is when he will begin side routes. I believe Coach's route is almost done so we don't have long.

day 25 of which route?

Next update my dude/dudette. Spencer and Harold