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I was confused at first with the story but the more I dived deep I started to relate to it. Looking forward to more of your work.

I got my gameplay of this here

I love the atmosphere, and props that are scattered that connect to the story of the game. 

I have my gameplay of this here: the game starts at 19:41

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The game is fine, but the story needs some polishing like adding an ending dialogue and a narrative that could explain the story well. I still enjoy the game.

Here's my gameplay here: 00:00

I couldn't type any letters at all in the text box when it asks for a name

My expectation was unprecedented, and I'm like oh my damn! But overall, I like the game. Keep up the good work...

I made a video of my playthrough here

I survived. Hehe


Why Aaron? Why?


I was kind of freaked out about the name and showed a picture, and I sighed in relief that the game didn't go deeper. The game is cool and I'm not sure if this has multiple endings depending on the answers you choose but what I got is somehow a bit lacking, but overall it's great. Keep up the good work.

I have my reaction video of this game here:

I really find this interesting. I love the art style and the multiple endings.

This is an interesting game. Love the concept. I would love to see a proper english translation of this game. Looking forward to it's full version. Keep up the good work!

here's mine I would love to try its full version when it is available

What an awesome interactions, it may not be exact to some but really relatable with both perspectives of a parent and child.  I love the atmosphere, the art, and the music. Great work.

I have my gameplay over here:

I like the art style and music. Love the character design and the enemies. It was short but sure packs a lot. One thing I notice is that there's no difference between the background and the platform that you are stepping on so it can be confusing to navigate where to go. All in all, this game is great. Hoping for more of your work in the future.

Here's my gameplay: 

I couldn't agree more to that. But what can I say the game was really scary for me and I am easily spooked. But thanks for the reply. I'm trying to train myself to handle the scaredycat tendecies

I finally get backed on reviewing games and uploading them on my channel. And this is the first game the I tried and I'm like "ooh this will be good, feels like light and fun game" and that's where I'm wrong. Right when I landed on the floor and I knew I will be having one hell of a ride.

My whole playthrough has been fun. Anxiety driving ride.

I liked the interactions. Especially the musical part it's fun let's just say it's fun..

All in all great game.

Would like to play more of your games in the future

Here's my gameplay of it:

A game where you solve puzzles by thinking outside the box. you get it? haha. But the game is great. I want to try out the full version if I have the chance so.

I've tried the demo tape before and already find it cool and now that I've tried this and yeah Cooler... I wonder when is the coolesto?  As always the art is great, the songs are excellent hoping  to hear more from it. Characters here are so nice, and I find Quaver sooooo cute... Overall this is great...

Here's my gameplay btw:

I Love the Game. A lot of lesson to be learned. Train wreck of emotions. Hope to play more of your games. Keep up the good work.

Here's my gameplay:

Love the story. Hope that it could explain the story more. Curious with the Lumina Cat Bar here. Anyway this is good...

Here's my gameplay

Great stuff right here. I feel like this is heading towards something more. Love the art and the music.  Keep up the good work!

I have my gameplay right here

This is not what it looks like guys... But I enjoyed this one.

Here is my gameplay btw

It was short but interesting (That's what she said). But overall it's great. I would like to play more of your future works.

Here's my gameplay of the game:

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Nice game. The art is good, music is great. Really cute girl he he.

Hey as always I enjoyed the game. I love the music. Waiting for the updates of this. Hoping to play more. Keep up the good work. 

Path of Kami Demo community · Created a new topic My review

The game is refreshing and new. The art style is vivid and music is soothing. Gameplay is good and I only found some one issue where I try to jump that it sometimes get hindered. Overall, this game is great.

I have my gameplay right here:

Time to LIVE!!! The game was unique there are alternates even just choosing classes and some actions taken on game. Hoping to play this full version.


This is awesome. Looking forward to play more of your games.

I have my gameplay here

This game is cute. lol. I want to play this on full version.

I have my gameplay of this right here:

I love this game. More of this please..

I have me gameplay of this:

Dang, This is really great. I love the music, artwork, story. I have goosebumps all over.

I have my gameplay of this check it out: Act 1 The Silent Room

I like this. It has an interesting idea. I hope more of this.

Keep up the good work.

I have my gameplay of this right here:

Oh. I would very much like to try that.

I like the game. There's intensity to it. There were some bugs where the zombie count somehow changes with some interactions. If the way the reloading system is intentional it's okay, but I suggest that when you ran out of ammo you have the option to switch guns or commit with the reloading.  Keep up the good work. Hoping to see what this leads to in the future.

I have my gameplay of this.

This game is so cool. Sick beats and RAWR for the girlfriend. too bad I suck at this.

I have my gameplay in this: Do stop by

The game is good. Keep up the good work.

I have my gameplay of this:

I like the feel into it. Hope it could go on different stage or situation. That would be more interesting to play. Keep up the good work.

I have my gameplay in this link: