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Thank you!

Thank you for playing! Some levels require you to only move one tile like this, so figuring out this trick is required. Most levels are not solvable using that move.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It really surprises me how many bugs people are able to find, exactly after we publish it. We have found problems with just about every mechanic I programmed. I really should budget more time for play testing and keep track of bugs better in future game jams. Thank you for playing!

Yeah, we went a bit overboard with the colour choices and fonts, costing us some readability. Good point! I really love the isometric perspective, so I suppose the UI buttons should be changed to fit the perspective instead. Thank you!

Good point about the 45 degree rotation, I never thought about that. It was originally not isometric and the interface was made when the directions were correct. Thank you!

Nice idea! Having to tactically change your allies is a cool concept, and I like the variations in the monsters. I think it would feel a bit better if the game was faster, walking speed, fireballs and the enemies.  The friend could also be a bit stronger, so that it becomes more important to the game. Good job!

Thank you!

Thank you!