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I had a p good first run and made it to the boss who wiped me bc I was greedy with my bandages! I like the callback to the simplicity of the gameboy, the music and pixel art work well in tandem. 

I would agree with the other comments that trinkets and equipment would take Traumatarium to the next level. I can't wait to see any updates to this game!

Came for the elf men, stayed for a thrilling narrative full of political strife, ancient power, and cocky assassins!

The eye-catching visuals made me want to try this game, I'm so glad I did! A lot of Teal's experiences were relatable. I wish my younger and more introverted self had stumbled upon this sooner lol

Cute & heartwarming, I feel motivated to give it my all after playing 💪

The walking sim that you will think about X amount of years from now

Dreamy and atmospheric, strange but serene.

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Some of the most captivating & unique worldbuilding to be found in a visual novel! The character designs, environments, and audio blend together perfectly on top of a otherworldly, sweet story. 

Amazing that this experience is free


Fun, cozy and charming. I can't wait to see where the dev will take it next!