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Good choice of making it have 3 or multiple endings.

This would fit too well in Manhunt.

Good game, a little buggy but still good.

As short as it was, pleasant to play.

Good enough for 10 minutes of fun.

Straight to the point, good message.

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Started interesting but fell flat at the end, still a good concept.

A short and decently horror game.

Short and fun.

Good and eerie, just as I like it.

Just like Night of the Scissors, amazing.

Had more fun then I thought I would with this one.

Great job.

First SCP related game I ever played, was not disappointed.

Interesting concept.

Short and sweet.

I don’t want to wash my hair anymore.

Great soundtrack, fits perfectly with the atmosphere.

Good lesson, stop smoking. (self note)

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Really enjoyed this.

Really good game, enjoyed every minute out of it.

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Good game. Felt like a hack.

Well done.

I love the work you have placed in each and any one of these short yet amazing "haunted" video games, all good wishes to you and the team behind this magnificent project in these hard times. Love you and hope to see more in the future.