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well normaly you should get a popup ti select that folder i dodn't know why you didn't get that

did you select the levels folder ??

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thnx for your feed back glad it works fine :D i hope you got the reward :3 

hi i made and update for the game can you tell me if it works please ? :D

i made an update for the game could you try it please ^^"

nice graphics :D 

funny game & nice idea :D i like it however its too hard xD maybe if you make it harder by increasing score but GJ i like it a lot 

thnx for your comment :D 

thnx a lot :D i appreciate it 

thnx for your advice :D mybe i'll make it better once the jam is over i hope you got all the cookies :p & got your reward 

well the game is not hard i didn't think it needed a tutorial ^^" eat the cookies you can eat & go to portal :3  

hi sry to ask but what  do you do to make tha player move ^^" ???? nothing seem to work ( i'm using windows ) 

thnx , i will take your advice =) 

its about the path in the source code ^^' 

yeah sry about that , i didn't think it would since it load files from extern source sry about that 

thnx bro glad you like it 

thnx bro <3 learned a lot when making it  ^^"