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Thank you so much for continuing to work on this! I loved this since the original newgrounds release!

This is already fantastic. It's a far cry from what I loved about the original, and aside from my comment on Newgrounds I don't think I've told you how much I love the original. The original haunted lands was nails hard in a really classic, and good way. Jumping had to be precise, combat was nail biting and not in a trial and error way of difficulty. There was a beautiful simplicity to everything. I must have tried it a hundred times now and I still haven't beaten it (just got to the sewer section last week)

Some changes I find odd, like reloading while moving which in the original haunted lands added a ton of tension, but I get that it's a player convenience thing.
Haven't played a ton yet, but it's nice. There is a LOT more variety and complexity in this version, which surprised me. Curious to see where this goes. It looks like it already has a ton of content. The original felt like a love letter to the games that inspired it, and an attempt to fuse all of them, doom, Bio Menace, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem 1&2 etc. I only have less than an hour in right now, but This feels a little more like an attempt at a more "modern indie game" take on the same ideas.

If you ever do a full paid release, and you should, this is awesome, see if you can include the original haunted lands as a bonus. Maybe as a "Retro" version.

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This was incredible. I have no notes.
I actually still don't know if I found all the content, and honestly I doubt it.

Seriously I love your stuff. I still don't know if this is just a demo.

needs a better view of the spectrograph.

Is there any way to get a soundtrack?

Whoever made this knows what made those old C64 games look good.

This game is batshit crazy and I have shown it to so many people. I look forward to what you do next. 

There was cut content?

Anyways, I hope the Kickstarter goes well!

Having bought this on DRivethruRPG it is a lot of fun. It's like a roguelike PC game but in tabletop form.


Yeah this looks really interesting. Is there any way to emulate mac games?

Is this still being updated?

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Interesting... but there is an insidious way to win which relies on Sentience.

You see... the PDF cannot play back.

Clever. Great Gameplay.

Can you please explain the "ROLL 6d6 TO DETERMINE ITS CONTENTS" part as this makes no sense to me.
You clearly aren't rolling 6d6 and adding them together because the table goes from 11-66 and that would be a table between 6 and 36.

This would make sense if it said something to the effect of "roll 3 times, 2d6 and treat whichever dice is to the left as a ten's die" but it doesn't say that and as a result to anyone who doesn't recognize how this is supposed to work it is liable to end up confusing.

The Safe Box table is neat but I think it needs a rules revision to better explain itself.

This seems neat.

Any chance of this continuing?

Have five bucks bro, love your stuff.

Can't wait to see where this goes. Please keep working on this, it is fantastic. 

Are you supposed to be able to get more ammo for your silenced pistol or is that intentional?

Thank god. this was one of my favorite fangames ever.

Why has this been taken off of steam?

Thanks for continuing to update this!