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Love this landscape art

Perfectly captures the feeling of chucking an apple at a rude little feller

Thank you! I do think I definitely made it too hard though, you're supposed to be able to run ahead of the phone a bit as it falls which seems maybe impossible right now.

Thanks! it was originally super easy and I may have over corrected a bit lol

There were originally far more stairs which I cut from the game out of mercy (and also for time, but mostly mercy)

Thank you!

Thank you for making and uploading this! I wrote afull review here as part of an exercise. Very good little game!

Because of a whim, I'm reviewing every game that comes up in the search results for "golf" on I wrote a review of your game here (spoilers I liked it, thank's for making and sharing it!)

The game was fun, thanks for making it and uploading it! I wrote a more full review on my Cohost page as a part of a challenge project for myself. You can read it here if you like.

I enjoyed this game a good deal, thanks for making and uploading it! The music owns!

Found this because the other day I figured I'd like to play a golf video game and I discover that there's only 65 that show up if you search "Golf" on itch. So I've been playing and reviewing them in the order that they appeared in those search results because it seems like a pretty doable practice challenge for me. My full blog post about it is on Cohost here

Fun game, thanks for making it and uploading!

Having it evolve into billiards / pool at the end was interesting

Fun! It does scratch the 2D top down golf itch. My only suggestion I feel the need to make is that putting the skip button on F11 was maybe not the best move as I can't full screen the game. Thanks for making it and uploading it!