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after 1 year for not playing the game,i change with windows now so i can play detective grimoire  sorry for replying too late;-;but if someone who has macOS want to try this trick can anyone respond to see if it works for macOS users?

And thank you for this soluce,i will try that next time i will play with macOS.

If you guys try to purchase the game with a macOS? D O N T

Believe me this game is out by 2014,i doubt the creator will update it so don't make the same mistake I did lmao

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so I play your game earlier and the style and interaction is amazing!However I'm having a glitch in the game:

s p o i l e r

Ok so while I find the knife to survive, when you go to the next dialogues, you can hear 2 foorstep. After that my game screen can't continued.It is entirely black.I try a few times to run this game but no matter what there's still this glitch.I use a Mac Catalina btw and I play on browser.I don't have any problem playing game from browser like yttd for an example works perfectly however with this game when half of it, there a glitch.

Idk if I'm the only one who have this problem but if someone can help me function the game after this scene that would be great!