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Okay, I understand what you mean. So it's just a different mechanic to "3 out of 6 that the trap shut" - a bit tougher for me, because the chances for the player will usually be less than 50% and even lower during the game...

Thanks for the quick reply. My primary concern was why, for example in your bear trap case, not just use the agility save. Or is it possible to combine these rolls (i.e. I roll for agility and if I fail, I can still test my luck)?

Very elegant rules! I wonder what the intent behind the LUCK mechanic is - it seems to me that the luck value is quite low. Why aren't saves thrown straight to stats? And why is it called luck for PCs while at the same time it's called save for NPCs and monsters?

Nice game!

As Strucky writes, Mausritter was published in Czech by Mytago.

Very good job!