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thanks a lot! i will try it.

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a little late. thanks again. i have another question.

i put a branch button after ur minigame. but that button does not appear.

is it because u removed the .layer.layer_free? how can we make a minigame people can visit again and again?

i tried to put a jump button, but i heard its good  to destroy the game and the html layer for performance.   

but i cannot hide the jump button and make it appear after finishing the minigame. 

thanks in advance!

thanks. This will be very helpful.

hi. i really thank you for ur tutorial. it was really helpful and fun. i also want to use phaser in my tyranobuilder made vn. may i ask u a question? i want to use filters of phaser, for there is no filter in tyranobuilder. when i made it and inserted it into my game, based on ur tutorial, it worked. but it can not fit itself to the change of the browser size. ur invader example changes its size when i change the size of the browser in the middle of its running. but my filter size still remains the same when i change it. i think u know why. what is the difference?