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Been a while since ive reopened the file, my guess is that i used a single int variable to store it and you managed to reach overflow for the number, it would be pretty cool If you could manage that legit but that would be a lot of playing since you would need to reach 2^31+1 money in it for that to happen. If I ever remake this or do a similar game I'll make sure to remember this and use proper storages like a .txt file with the value or a set of ints; probably 3 or 4 and use bitwise operators to utilize this to make it hold up to 2^127 which is a huge number. But I've been looking for some help on a new project I'm working on, game testers would come later but you can be of some help with your game hacker, if you want to help with an engine I'm programming email me :

(Also asset makers or other programmers could be help if you make music or digital pixel art)

Still early development so if you join don't expect much, I've basically managed to draw a triangle on the screen but I would like to make it secure so I'd like to see if publicly available hack software would be stumped by my lack of base software since I'm just using opengl and c program files.

don't worry about that. Most files on are unknown files and windows is making sure that your computer is safe. I can completely assure you that it is safe to use, i am not smart enough to make a virus, however, and most people would rather not, in order to play it you have to temporarily disable windows smart defender.

i love this. tho the freezing time mechanic feels to op maybe maybe make it slow down less or remove visibility over time to make it more fair

no?? i made it myself

kinda hard but otherwise a verry good game

awesome game, im not usually into horror but this was just campy enough to keep me interested, would like to see an alternate ending where you escape the creatures but that might not fit with the lore, also love the hint at the end where you go through the empty cam-mask hinting at the fact that you become one of them, amazing graphics amazing mood, kinda sad that there wernt any jumpscares but the ending might not be as good if there was. 9/10 game would show to my freinds

AMAZING game I love it, it stays true to the original yet staying slightly deferent feel to it makes for a whole new experience

it seems cool and i want to use it but i keep getting errors when i open it the error is:

Assets\TileMap Auto Rule\2d-extras-master\Assets\Tilemap\Brushes\Coordinate Brush\Scripts\Editor\CoordinateBrush.cs(9,36): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'GridBrush' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

it appears 29 times at different spots in the script, im on version 2019.4.6f1 of unity, is there a fix?

i updated it so i think i fixed your problem

thank you

definetly buggy but i like it :)

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you can click and upgrade the oven without any money pretty good game otherwise tho

not bad but what does tycoon have to do with it?