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I'm hooked on this game! At first I thought "Wow, these are really cool drawings!", which they are, super detailed too and I really dig the colouring technique as well, BUT! But the story! And the characters! Also, hello cool menu, thank you codex, hi numerous saving slots, glad to meet you all! We're pals already.
No, seriously, it's so well done I can barely believe my eyes. I downloaded it the other day and then I was slaking a bit, like sure, I'll check it later and I can delete if I find it boring or I simply don't like it. Needless to say, absolutely did not happen.
I started it. Those cool ass lines white on black popped up and I was getting jazzed already. Then I smiled at the tutorial, 'cause yes, gimme codex entries, gimme short keys (I really like the symbol up to the right of the screen, by the way, and I like that it's animated if you pass the cursor on it, very fancy). Then all those different sprites appeared, each one better than the other, greatly matching the script and delivering super well both the tone and the personality of every character.
Talking about personalities, great job there too, 'cause these guys feel like very well rounded characters and that alone is something not every game manages to achieve. Oh, and the choice system? Why aren't we talking about that? I think we should, I think I shall: loving it so far! I'm always pleased when I get to be sarcastic and witty, and Lana gives me plenty opportunities to be so. Also, big fan of that showing appreciation system, super useful and very telling too.
Aren't we missing something? Huh? Romance you say? Mhm, sure... I guess there's also that! As soon as the tutorial talked about it and I saw the options I was like: "OK, but... I need to know how many fish there are in the see before making a move on the dude". As soon as I saw Pious my gaydar started to tap some interesting vibes, so when the romance option showed up with Egon I quickly got in here to check if a girl can dare to shoot for the stars, and guess what? I happened to read that Evelyn is indeed a potential love interest. How convenient, huh? Very convenient, I should say. Gay me is happy, gay me is waiting, gay me was soon to click on the only not flirty interaction among the three every time, 'cause Egon, my boo, I love you, but I'm that ambitious and ballsy to wait for the blondie. But I like your face. And I'm sure I'll replay this game many, many times, so sit tight.
Moving on from this delightful topic, I'm super into the story in general: I'm a fan of all the cool titles and tech terms, I think it makes the whole thing unique and I kid you not, I would absolutely see this whole game in movie format, 'cause it's as engaging as a dope sci-fi, action movie, so really, congrats! I bow, I kneel, I spin on my chair, clap my hands, kiss the screen, all of it, I am a fan and as a cheap motherbluffer as I am, this is one of those rare occasions where I'm like: "YES, I will and shall give you my money!". Whenever it comes out, I will happily buy it and I already plan on recommend it to my pals, who are very artsy people so I'm sure they'll be sold already thanks to the amazing drawings in here, and then they'll pledge their loyalty to you 'cause the story.
Uh, before I go, you also put a screenshot function, but I don't think it quite works, at least in my case. I see the file gets saved always with the same name, but then I can't find it. I'm happy there's a gallery, though, 'cause - again - the drawings are really remarkable.

Anyway! Thank you very much for this lovely, blazing cool DEMO! I really cannot wait for the full game to be released, awesome job to all the people involved, you guys rock!

Thumbs up from Italy!