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Hello! My name is La Skarlett and I have a youtube/twitch channel. This game is really scary for me. Sometimes I've got to watch other sides of the tv because I can not see what it was in front of me.

I you want to scare you have done it!

Good work!

It is a game that invites the player to think about certain aspects about human consciousness and that of AI. Many of them related to culture, gastronomy, religion, life, death, ...

Could a machine take consciousness or feelings? Something has aroused the curiosity of our character to look for the girl who sometimes appears near him, especially because there are no humans in that place.

Other aspects to highlight are the gameplay (keyboard and mouse / controller), the music and sound effects, the graphics and the way in which it is developed.

Excellent work!

Great game! I was quite stressed with jumping to different platforms. 

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Here is the gameplay. Hope you like it! I am waiting for another job interview :)

Great game! I was quite scared at the beginning. I really don't like to work in a place like this. 


I like this game. Great story and walkthrough.

Nice game! I like it a lot! I want more of this!


There's no reason to be afraid when you are different from other people. You must be what you wanted to be. The mask it's only the way to pretend to be like the other to be accepted.

It's a good short adventure game about to break free. Be what you want to be without thinking about the others. I really enjoyed it! Nice work!

Sorry, I don't speak English well.

I've enjoyed this game! I wasn't aware to be screaming a little.

I really like it!