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once in a life time was already really good but now this comes and i love it just as much. the comedy is so good an i also love the references like former president stabb lol

does this have a harem end

soo the game is interesting but more than half the time things generate pixelated like the people or the entire app

you say brings problems i just have a question is it heavy drama, ntr, are any of the girls forced to join an organization behind your back or forced too be with other man leaving the mc helpless to stop it, etc

hey so im sorry i cant remember if i ever asked but i want to know if there is heavy drama in this with anything like ntr or whatnot. like is the secret going too cause heavy drama or is the mc uncle in a conspiracy that causes problem for mc. sorry not lookin for spoiler but i want to know if i should avoid the game if it does have it

ok i saw conspiracy type themes in the info i just have to ask... is the lies and whatnot going to cause heavy drama for the mc and is there stuff like ntr or is the mc actually not in control at all through the story?

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before i even try i would like to know how many characters have playable content so far and if any have enough story for a few hours gameplay

cool thanks and the drama i talk about is both sad and angry because i tend to get really pissed at characters in games and movies and so i avoid it

Thats fine i just hate when games give somethingblike a neighbor that causes over the top drama with no warning or background to it

Cool thanks

i love the game just one thing i never got over... kate's pose with her hands up that looks way too unnatural its kinda disgusting. to me it just looks way to forced for a happy pose.

i just want too ask if there will be ntr or heavy drama in certain choices

i will be watching as there is too little content for me yet but i hope you do 2 things. 1- allow for multiple endings with one being a route to get all girls. 2- make it so that you have to go through a few hoops to get the two girls who have a rivalry in the story to cooperate and join you. i find a lot of games make it a straight shot to get everyone even the characters that hate eachother


before i play a game i always want to know which direction its going... does it or will it havve ntr, harem, multiple endings, bad endings, etc. just stuff like themes and way you play

recurring crash on the twins punishment with potts. when you click the button to change view it crashes everytime other than that its really good

it looks like its updated as the version of 1-5 i had had a plain menu that in this switched to a tv with the options around it. also the map and ui is different and new scenes i think.

so after you get megans video from her bookshelf and watch it the game crashes constantly and have not been able to pass watching it. it seems that one of the transitions have caused this as everytime i try it shows 2 pics overlapped and then shutsdown

so found this and harem of the princess but i want to  ask if they  are the same game or you accidentally put the same exact description for booth games. at first i saw  this and thought someone was trying to rip you of

must ask if there is ntr or any big drama and if this can go harem rooute or  not

so the dev is claiming no ntr but there is actually  alot of it?

when you say after the events does that mean you never finished the game  or havent yet and still are making  or  made a sequel or dlc to the game? because to  me it doesnt make  sense

is there any endings where the player can wind up with multiple girls

is there any major drama or ntr or anything? i am careful of that. maybe a little too careful

you know i thought this game wouldnt be so bad... NOW IM STUCK IN THE RABBIT HOLE AND I DONT WANT TO LEAVE YET!!!


i tend to over think stuff but is this nsfw from the moment its open or do you have to enable it first? like i said i over think it and cant tell if the selector is what it said it is or if it means that it will be what it says once clicked. i have seen it where they worked both ways before

can you give me a heads up if there is ntr

sorry if this has been answered or is straight forward but which one do you play as. kairi or ranko. normally i hear idol project and think its from the perspective of the producer

When i run the begin file on android nothing happens... is it broken