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Thanks heaps for the feedback James.

Yeah I have to admit I used the Cinemachine camera that you used in the 3rd Person Patformer course on Udemy, and I don’t think it suits driving, but that was all I had time for. I should have inverted the x axis and made the view wider, but to be honest my plan was to either write my own camera controller or remove mouse input - time got the better of me.

When I play test it, I don’t even touch the mouse :)

Thanks heaps for the comment Brad!

Getting the car to feel right actually took ages. At first it would flip every time it turned a corner. I may have even spent about half my time just on figuring out wheel colliders.

I wrote a basic camera controller initially, but then switched to Cinemachine half way through to save time. I agree that it’s not ideal, especially for the car bit. To be honest when I play I don’t touch the mouse as it does get pretty close. I should have at least changed how close the top and bottom positions are, but time got the better of me again.

I also tried to put camera shake when you crash, and tried to make the camera snap behind you when you get into a car, but neither worked and I guess it’s because I used Cinemachine, so extra reasons I was hoping to write my own controller if I had time. 

I’ve done a couple of udemy courses before, but haven’t really built anything other than following those. Doing this was a great learning experience.

I like the application of the theme! Good fun game too.  Would be a good time killer game on mobile.  

I only got to about 17, so wasn't sure if the movement gets faster as your score increases?