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Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it and I am glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for your kind words! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Hi again, don't worry, there is nothing like "too" many questions, sorry for my late response! Anyway, yes, it's intended, otherwise one could "cheat" by going to the main menu and deleting the current run. 

You found 1 of the 2 endings!

Hi there, thanks for your comment! yes, the painting can appear multiple times in a row, odds become lower that it might happen, but in theory, it can appear a hundred times in a row. The bathroom number is a silly little thing, that unlocks a bit more lore. 

Hi there! 

Thanks for your detailed comment! As for the proofreading part, yes, I do have a proofreader and have had one in the past, the problem is the immense size (over 150k words~), and asking that much time from a proofreader is exhausting for them, so it's mostly done in small batches.

I agree, the RNG is sometimes a bit out of place with disappearing texts, especially since there is no way of returning them. The usage of these time-limited blocks is rather blasphemous and has been tinkered with numerous times. One day I will fix the issue and improve the mechanic (suggestions are welcome!!). (The basement is one of the locations that hasn't been rewritten, or proofread correctly :(! )

Currently, I am still developing my latest project which is, even compared to this project, enormous, and draining much of my time. 

Feel free to leave feedback; I will 100% note it down and ponder upon it later when I have this project open.

As for Sleepover Rules, I am completely re-writing the whole thing (code-wise), from the ground up, to make it more modular and easier to change things, something Project 6 (current project) has taught me, and makes me scream at Sleepover Rules for not having designed it from the beginning like that. 

Making a meeting with death, truly feel like an old friend walking you down memory lane. Beautifully written, using its unique language fabricated by the brains of the dwellers of the in-between. An amazing collection of stories where secretly the reader holds a mirror in front of them, "What will you do and why?"

Enjoy it <3!

Hey there, the game is browser-based, so downloading or not, it's your browser's settings that prevent the save from being saved. You can, however, import or export save files whenever you want in the settings menu!

Hey there, thanks for your feedback. As for the painting, it's normal such events do kill you if you try to exit to the menu, otherwise one could reset a round without ever dying. As for cleaning up the text, I want to thank you for the generous offer, for now, I am slowly revisiting texts with a second editor here and there since it's literally a ton of text... so don't worry I got it covered (for now)!

Maybe one day Clippy has enough "resources" to do so ;)!


Hey there, yes, it certainly has something to do with the pictures found in the "my documents" folder. The order can also be found there! :)

Hey there, yes that's a typo. It should be "Morning rules, rule 3"! I will fix it in the next update!

Maybe one day you (the reader) can name the dog, but that's a big "maybe"! ;)

I am glad to hear that you liked it!

A difficult task for a space janitor!

It certainly makes for a unique situation!

I am happy to hear you enjoy(ed) it!

Dear Hula Noob, thanks for your kind words, I am flattered! I can't wait to watch the video this night.

Thank you for your kind words! I am currently trying to finish the update, hopefully it will be everything you wished for!

Thank you! <3

I hope in a good way! Thanks for playing!

How couldn't I review it, I enjoyed my time, and I hope others can too!

I am happy to hear that! 

Really cool! Good luck with future projects!

Oh, I see, which jam was it for? :D

A true visual novel at its finest. Simply lean back, no need for thinking, just “enjoying” and reading! The game features good audio, a lot of not too annoying animations, and creepy surreal images. One could really feel the tag of ghosts coming to life in this game. Story-wise it’s interesting and has an amazing hook, I am sad there weren’t any other endings to explore than one.

Full review on my website!

(1 edit)

The English usage in this game is not very good, many punctuations, sentence structure, and grammar mistakes were made. Honestly, this does kill the vibe a little. The audio is perfectly timed and the text animations are adding towards the situations the protagonist finds themself in. The art within the game is there, it looks neat. I have played a few games since this game has high replayability. The story itself is a little incoherent, but it's still enjoyable!

Full review on my website!


I would love to rate the game higher, for it's great, but please fix the English! <3

After playing for some time, dying a lot, and even solving all puzzles, I can firmly say that this was beyond my expectations. The puzzles, both visual and audible were scary, fun, and interesting. The game actually heavily relies on its audio and it certainly helps to actually listen to it! It’s immersive and sucks you in, to the point you actually feel a pity for the protagonist.

Full review on my website!

I hope it can live up to your expectations, have fun, and feel free to ask anything through the comments, Reddit, or discord!

The short and catchy paragraphs do aid the player in having fun and the playtime is insanely short. It's still worth your time, since this game is a one of a kind, grow, sim, rabbit experimenter. Since you know, animal tests should be illegal, so feel free to test online rabbits!

Full review on my website!

The story is rich in neatly written paragraphs, and even well-timed funny sarcastic/cynical jokes from time to time. Replayability and lore are both beyond normal interactive fiction levels. The music truly adds to the experience. Sadly the game is still in development, so hopefully, it will one day be finished.

Full review on my website!

The dialogue is unsettling and the build-up is timed neatly. The chat itself is comparable to what a true chat group looks like, giving realism to the game. This game is absolutely worth your time! Just don't complain to me if you feel slightly paranoid afterward. 

Full review on my website!

The wordplay, poetic I'd say, and the music combined with the visuals gives me eerie vibes, something Litrouke used in his other games too. I was happily surprised by this story and enjoyed it a lot. It certainly is worth your time, even if it is to train your Latin.

Full review on my website!

I am glad to hear you had fun! I am working on a bigger update.

Again, what browser are you using? Since this is not a bug on my end, either you are using a niche browser, an older one, or an unsupported one. I will try to help you out :D!

Dear Makina Jaylee, if, for whatever reason, the images fail to load, the background will be black. You experience a grey one, which shouldn't be possible. What browser are you using, if I may ask? I don't have built-in support for all browsers out there. And the last question, what device are you using? e.g. a phone, laptop, desktop, tablet?

I am happy to hear this! Soon there will be better audio too.

Thanks for your feedback and video, I enjoyed the commentary!