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This one is awesome, from its presentation to its concept. No compaints, 10/10 game jam game.

This one is really unique and I love the concept and art! Sometimes though I wish there were more interjection options in the dialogue itself but I understand the time constraints. Really sick and stands out from the crowd!

This platformer was a lot of fun! Only real thing I have of feedback is that it's a bit hard to see with it being so zoomed out, but it's still quite a bit of fun!

This is a cute little one! I dig the low bit aesthetic and it's generally just a fun platformer. The weapons that knock back enemies feel odd, because apparently they can kill enemies but they seem to have a harder time against the bigger ones so it rarely feels effective as you're mostly just moving them around, with them getting stuck very occasionally. Overall, pretty fun game!

This is a really unique concept for a game out of the bunch, I dig it! The mechanics feel decently thought out and the variety you have with spawning animals and spending your health for gain is really fun! I only wish the latter waves didn't just spam the fireball enemies, but other than that, this one kicks ass!

This game has some amazing animations and art so I'm obliged to make it my favorite, but I have some problems with when enemies spawn out of nowhere, cause it's a bit cheap whenever that happens. Besides that, I think this game's amazing!

This game goes hard! I feel like besides responsiveness and different enemy variation, this is a sick concept! Really resonate with it.

I dig this game majorly! It's a simple little puzzle game with a concept I find personally intriguing, so I'm happy to say I love this little game! I only wish that maybe the lives could increase with the harder the levels got, or maybe they elements went to earth a bit slower? Either way, pretty fun!

The platforming physics are a bit off (the jump height being a bit low makes some of the jumps a bit too hard) but other than that I like the story and art for the game. They're really nice!

The artstyle combination of 2d and 3d looks great, same with the cutscenes! I wish the enemies didn't exactly jump with you, that way jumping actually changes the way the game is played rather than everyone being on the same plane. The effects look great, and this makes me wish there was more game like this.

This is such a sick puzzle game! Sometimes the ui overlaps a bit and the tips get a bit in the way in the tutorial but I absolutely loved this one!

Really jam with the style of this one. Such a shame you didn't finish it cause this has such lovely potential.

This one is pretty adorable! I think if you make the eels a bit more visible before they come out of the ground, it'd help with them being very hard to avoid. Water physics are a bit weird and can use some fixing. Really like this one!

This one had some awesome pixel art and gameplay, but I feel like if it had a tutorial in game it'd feel a little less jarring. Still though, great game y'all!

This one was so lovely, you really knocked it out of the park! Especially love the credits sequence you added at the end.

I really enjoyed y'all's game! Only thing I can think of for feedback is maybe having animations for movement in all of the directions but it's still was such a fun concept!

I really enjoyed y'all's game! I feel like it needed a little slower of a difficulty curve but y'all did an outstanding job!