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Great little zine! I especially love the attention to cultural details like foodstuffs, the uses of different woods and the like. Thanks very much for making this!

I fucking love it, no CAP

FUCKING GREAT PLAYBOOK. Seriously. Top of my list to play 

This just might be the best goddamn playbook from this whole jam. I whole-heartedly LOVE IT

I really, really enjoy this playbook. Thank you for adding this to the collective.

Another amazing playbook by an amazing author. I wouldn’t kill to see this in play, but I might stab, gouge or stitch. 

Fugue state is an amazing ability.  Level 1 harm seems somehow… inexact for such a devastating NO in regards to taking harm. 

Again, a voice cries out in the darkness and goes unremarked. A monumental shame. I’m still processing this playbook, but goddamn, thank you for pushing boundaries and giving the faithful something amazing to work with.

I’m surprised, but maybe I shouldn’t be, that no one has commented on this absolutely marvelous goddamn Playbook. What an amazing gift to the blades Community. Thank you, Dissonance. 

I like it! I was thinking of something similar, inspired by Adam Koebel’s design sessions for Womb Of Night. He worked on a playbook named “the Scum” which had, as a touchstone,  Grima Wormtongue for example. Really neat idea!