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Just recorded the rest today actually! You won't have to wait long at all :]

A little late to the party, but I had to show my love and support and play this one. Only played chapters 1-3 in this video but I am FOR SURE coming back to finish the game. I will always love your style of making these games, and I really appreciate that you don't throw jumpscares in every second to get a reaction. Your atmosphere and story telling is KILLER. Awesome work per usual my friend.

This was so awesome! The horror sections are some of the most tense I've been playing a game in recent memory, and the added layer of story, as well as great atmosphere and generally just a concept you are not used to from horrors, made this one of my favorite games of the year. I will definitely be looking out for your next project, awesome work! 

I honestly had no idea you'd made another game, but I'm glad I found this one! Slide In The Woods is really good, but the difference in this game is INSANE in terms of upgraded atmosphere, and just generally being uncomfortable having to do any task in this game. This was awesome, and hope to see more. 

Compared to the first one- this game is so crazy and out of pocket, but I enjoyed my time playing it so much. Good to see you return for a sequel over a year later.

I say it in the video, but these Spongebob games are always either really funny and out of pocket, or really scary- I was genuinely entertained, and I did jump at one point. Great work.

Thank you! I will definitely be checking it out.

This game was very random, and I think that made it all the more scary. The use of sounds was very good, and definitely had me screaming. 

I look forward to it!

I actually play Roach Apartment at the end of this, but this video is also the 3rd installment of the Bucky's Grounds demo completely destroying me.  Roach Apartment was a cool and funny spin on snake hotel, and I'm looking forward to the full version of Bucky's as well! You make some crazy stuff. 

Reminded me of See No Fear a bit! I love VHS/Camera styled horrors, and the captions telling you that the inevitable was near was really cool! I'll be looking out for the next one, the story seems great so far. 

I kinda wish I had played Harmful 1 now, but this game was cool! Did a good job of putting you in the shoes of a detective, helpless as they try and track down some 3 steps ahead of them. I think some background music would help the mood a bit, but I overall enjoyed. Great work! 

Despite the title of my video, I actually did enjoy this game. I think some things could have been better, (I'm unsure if you're taking tips or anything) but I leave my thoughts at around 27:19. Other than that, the idea was fun, the jumpscares got me pretty good, and I found myself enjoying the footage during editing. Thumbs up from me, excited to see your next work. 

This game told a dark story, but it really had your immersed in what was going on the whole way through. I found myself scared to progress at certain points because of some of the context I had been left with. Insane stuff, need more games like this; great work. 

I did NOT know what was going on, and got an ending faster than I ever have before. This game was interesting. Fun stuff!

I say often that some of the scariest games are the ones that throw you in with no context; I put the pieces together later but what an uncomfortable position to be in. This game did a good job of slowly making you ear every knock on the door more and more. Good stuff! 

This game was absolutely terrifying. I think sometimes being thrown into a situation with no context can be scarier than knowing what's going on, and nothing can prepare you for the feeling you have when the first enemy approaches you. I haven't been out of breath from a scream in a long time. I'll be looking forward to more of your work, great job! 

I originally played 'The House,' and I enjoyed it so much; this game was no different. Twist elements of story within your games and the insane twists that happen make some killer atmosphere, and leaving you dreading then inevitable. I am looking forward to every part this this HHS project, this one was awesome. Good work! 

I played 'At The Wrong Place' initially, and enjoyed it a lot; I decided to see if there was anything I missed, and I'm glad I looked at your backlog. This game feels JUST like Nun Massacre, except it can be more terrifying in some accepts because you never know when he's near. I didn't beat the game, but I will def be revisiting this. Looking forward to At The Wrong Place! 

The initial chase sequence got me really good, I was not expecting that. Game was pretty good, I just wish you could skip the movie portion upon dying. Other than that, good work! 

Really enjoyed the environment, and the confined space made me on edge to turn corners at certain points. The baby doll with the noises was also super creepy. Excited for a full release if it's still on the way, good work! 

Very interesting game, the atmosphere was REALLY good. I only played medium difficulty, but I can see how it would be really hard on the higher ones. Got some screams out of me too, good work. 

I originally played See No Fear, and I was instantly hooked on the style of which you make these! the atmosphere is always so crushing, and the jumpscares are lethal. This has actually been the most scared I've been playing a game. I am looking forward to the next installment, awesome work again! 

After playing VHS Slaughter, I decided to come check out what else you guys had made, and I'm glad I did. I think its awesome that all this stuff is happening in the same universe, and just like VHS Slaughter, there didn't need to be any big jumpscares to keep you on edge. Looking forward to the next project.

Simple yet effective game, got some really nasty screams out of me, ESPECIALLY when I started getting chased. I always love what you guys put out, still waiting on Night Maniac! Good work. 

I look forward to it

Love when games make good use of a flashing mechanic, and this one did not disappoint! Intriguing story, good atmosphere and 2 endings to make sure you're on your toes, I would love for this to be expanded on in the future. Good Work! 

I played 'The Crypt Terror' almost a year ago, and I am SO happy I got to play this one as well. These games excel at creating a crushing atmosphere and putting you in an uncomfortable situation, all leading up to that final jumpscare. Great work once again, looking forward to more! 

I will go and try this, thank you

Probably one of the funnier horrors I've played, but I couldn't finish the game due to a glitch at the end! Still had a lot of fun and got some laughs out of it, good work!

I liked the simple concept of the game, very standard but effective. I think it made it a little scarier that there was no end goal honestly, like you just get thrown in with no context, but are forced to ride the elevator. Nice work. 

I enjoyed this, and it having you immediately doing something most would be uncomfortable with. Very interested to see where the story would go, so I may have to check out the full game! I WILL say though... at least for me personally, traversing after the lights went out felt a little too difficult at times- I know its not always practical but a flashlight or lighter would have really helped. Other than that, it was a cool experience and had good scares, great work. 

This game got me so much more than it probably was supposed to, but some good writing can be extremely chilling sometimes. The notes and noises in the game had me on edge from the first box. Great Work! 

I was finally able to get this game out after playing it a few weeks ago and it was awesome, I must say! Atmosphere was killer, the story was super interesting, and the monster looked HORRIFYING. Great Work! 

This game was really cool! I loved how there were a bunch of story elements to keep you thinking, while not tying them together to keep you thinking; and with some good scares thrown in there as well. It makes you want to come back to see what happens in the full game. I'll be keeping my eye out, great work to everyone! 

Very different premise for a horror game! I'm not good with bugs and insects myself, but taking a concept a lot of people probably aren't good with is really smart! The tasks were also pretty cool! Good work. 

Little late to the party, but I played the game for a 1 off video. VERY cool concept, and the VHS like tape in-between the questions made me ask questions and more uncomfortable. Good work! 

I was one of the first to play this game, and Im glad I did! This was AWESOME. Interesting story, some legitimately disturbing moments, and it capped off with you having to make a tough decision at the end. Only thing I would suggest is an option for mouse sensitivity, but I didn't even notice it by the end. Excellent work to everyone involved.

A little late to the party, but another great game by you guys. I enjoy the small aspects of world building you put in, before the inevitable happens. Looking forward to the next installments!